Ezine Advertising Works Top 10 Reasons To Advertise With Ezines

Ezine Advertising Works Top 10 Reasons To Advertise With Ezines

You've heard the​ buzz but still have some questions. Does Ezine Advertising really work?

The short answer is​ "Yes! it​ works" and​ here's 10 reasons why:

~ an​ Ezine is​ an​ electronic magazine or​ newsletter. the​ electronic format makes it​ easy to​ respond to​ your ad. a​ simple mouse click is​ much more convenient than picking up the​ phone, mailing in​ a​ card, or​ driving to​ a​ physical store

~ the​ electronic format offers less potential for​ distraction before they arrive at​ your "store". Just think if​ you send a​ traditional sales flyer through the​ mail. the​ customer is​ eager to​ buy but needs to​ drive past several other retail establishments to​ arrive at​ your store and​ then walk past still more in​ the​ mall or​ shopping center. They might spend the​ money meant for​ your pocket before they ever arrive! in​ an​ Ezine they click right from the​ ad into your "store" so there is​ less potential for​ loss.

~ Subscribers have opted in. Opt in​ means they have voluntarily signed-up to​ receive the​ Ezine and​ were not added to​ the​ list without their knowledge or​ permission. Your ad is​ less likely to​ be tossed in​ the​ garbage like junk mail or​ deleted like spam. it​ is​ also likely to​ be "white listed" and​ so won't get caught up by spam filters.

~ Cheaper than most traditional forms of​ advertising. Priced television, radio, or​ print media lately? it​ is​ also cheaper than many other internet advertising options. Have you looked into the​ cost of​ PPC?

~ Easy to​ target ads and​ products to​ specific audience. No matter what your target audience there is​ an​ Ezine out there to​ serve it-and probably dozens to​ choose from!

~ No need to​ narrow your category like in​ traditional classified advertising. Classified listings restrict your placement so only people looking in​ that category see your ad. in​ an​ Ezine every reader sees it!

~ Most Ezine subscribers read for​ the​ free information they expect from their Ezine and​ will usually read each issue from top to​ bottom. Since most publishers only allow a​ limited number of​ ads, your ad will have greater visibility.

~ Most people buy when they least expect to, so as​ they are reading their Ezine they will be relaxed and​ more receptive to​ marketing. This contrasts sharply with many other advertising mediums (TV, radio, direct mailing) as​ then people are expecting a​ sales pitch!

~ Ezine subscribers feel comfortable acting on sales pitches because the​ electronic format makes it​ risk-free to​ respond to​ your ad. They don't have to​ risk getting trapped on the​ phone or​ in​ a​ store by an​ over-eager sales staff. They take comfort in​ knowing that one simple click can get them back out again!

~ the​ electronic format also makes it​ easy to​ capture more information about your prospect. You have the​ opportunity to​ at​ least get their name and​ e-mail address (if you are savvy about your offer) and​ potentially a​ whole lot more. Once you've got that then you can sell, sell, sell!

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