Extreme Sports Destinations


If you are into bungee then consider these destinations:

Bungee America Inc. located in​ Angeles National forest in​ Los Angeles. You can choose one jump or​ up to​ five jumps in​ the​ extreme category and​ between a​ body harness and​ only an​ ankle strap.

African extreme on the​ Zimbabwe/Zambia border. it​ is​ 341 feet high.

Great Canadian Bungee Edmonton, Canada is​ 200 feet high and​ you get to​ jump off a​ cliff

007 Bungy jumping centre in​ Switzerland is​ 722 feet on the​ verzasca dam. Made famous since James Bond jumped form it​ in​ Golden Eye. it​ takes 7.2 seconds to​ the​ lowest point of​ this dam

Sky diving

An activity hitherto reserved for​ the​ military it​ is​ now a​ leisure sport that is​ the​ hobby of​ so many. Like all extreme sports it​ is​ exciting, involves considerable risk and​ provides the​ adrenaline rush that enthusiast crave. it​ is​ easy to​ engage in​ sky diving as​ long as​ you can have access to​ an​ airplane usually a​ helicopter, a​ pilot and​ a​ parachute. to​ begin one will be taught how to​ open the​ parachute once at​ a​ certain height after jumping off the​ plane. There are numerous destinations where sky diving is​ offered in​ every major city in​ North America.

Ice Climbing

Ice climbing is​ mainly a​ northern hemisphere sport and​ is​ undertaken mostly during the​ winter months. it​ is​ one of​ the​ most dangerous extreme sports but this does not stop people who want to​ do it. Ice climbers need special shoes and​ other equipment to​ effectively participate. Shoes should be able to​ grip the​ slippery ice surface and​ support the​ climber. They should also protect the​ climber's ankles both from injury and​ cold. an​ ice axe is​ important for​ making the​ steps to​ climb up. Some good destinations are found in​ Canada in​ Ontario and​ Quebec. in​ Banff National park in​ Canada it​ is​ possible to​ undertake some ice-climbing and​ equipment can be hired.


Surfing is​ an​ extreme water sport where the​ player rides on top of​ a​ sea wave. it​ does not require much in​ terms of​ equipment but for​ specialised clothing and​ a​ surf board, a​ knee board or​ body board. While some play for​ cash a​ lot of​ people play for​ pleasure. Surfing was a​ traditional sport in​ Hawaii even before it​ got modernised. Almost all coastal areas of​ the​ world engage in​ surfing. it​ is​ a​ big sport in​ California where temperatures are usually milder.

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