Extreme The Fastest Growing Sports

Extreme The Fastest Growing Sports

Extreme Mayhem is​ part of​ the​ Extreme Group (that founded the​ Extreme Sports Channel in​ 1999). Extreme Mayhem is​ a​ new venture with an​ ambitious strategy to​ promote and​ grow UK paintball at​ all levels, the​ business has a​ chilled-out and​ entertaining ‘community’ website that provides a​ completely free paintball booking directory to​ anyone looking for​ a​ location to​ play paintball right across the​ UK.

extrememayhem.co.uk was developed to​ help paintballers to​ get in​ contact with a​ paintball venue, (that is​ the​ most convenient for​ them), as​ quickly and​ easily as​ possible. Extreme Mayhem already has a​ comprehensive nation-wide network of​ independent affiliated paintball sites, all operating to​ ‘UKPSF’ quality and​ safety standards. and​ the​ really good news? Extreme Mayhem takes absolutely no agency commission on bookings; customers book with the​ paintball venue direct so getting the​ best possible value for​ a​ great day out.

Globally the​ fastest growing sports are extreme; in​ fact according to​ advertising industry statistics, there are now an​ estimated 168 million active participants worldwide.

Using the​ mass marketing capability, strength and​ kudos of​ the​ Extreme brand (the sports channel already broadcasts in​ over 60 countries in​ 12 languages reaching no less than a​ staggering 38 million homes) the​ group is​ venturing into specific areas where they believe they can make a​ real difference, ultimately helping to​ raise the​ overall profile of​ extreme sports.

Since founding the​ Extreme Sports Channel, the​ brand has rapidly advanced into numerous sport-orientated businesses around the​ world, launching several new businesses including Extreme Drinks (with it’s award-winning range of​ all natural drinks already selling in​ 23 countries), Extreme Medics (a unique team of​ highly qualified and​ specialised paramedics covering extreme sports events across Europe), EX Element, Extremepie (already Europe’s biggest surf & ski on-line and​ mail-order retailer), Extreme Hotels (a completely new hotel concept designed specifically to​ cater for​ extreme sports enthusiasts - the​ first 130 bedroom hotel opened in​ Cape Town in​ November 2018) and​ now Extreme Mayhem. Oh, and​ also watch out for​ the​ launch of​ Raw State - the​ group’s new sports fashion clothing label, with foot-ware, watches and​ eye-ware also in​ the​ design pipe-line….

Can Extreme Mayhem really make a​ difference to​ the​ UK paintball scene? You’ve gotta believe they will!


Extreme The Fastest Growing Sports

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