Extang Fulltilt Tonneau Cover Review

The Extang Fulltilt tonneau cover has had so many personal good reviews it​ is​ hard to​ top. So many people who had purchased this cover were so pleased, it​ is​ hard to​ believe. They loved the function ability of​ it. They were ecstatic that it​ lifts on hinges with the aid of​ gas shocks. Lots of​ people loved the ability of​ being able to​ roll it​ up to​ accommodate a​ high load. it​ is​ also very easy to​ remove the lid completely if​ one feels the need. Many were very pleased with the quality of​ the Fulltilt.

There were a​ few problems such as​ some people had to​ add extra weather stripping along the cab end or​ the tailgate end. Most said the instructions were easy to​ follow but some said throw the instructions away because they are useless. Lots of​ people said their cargo area stayed dry even through long drives in​ the rain at​ highway speeds. Some said their cargo area did receive some water in​ similar situations. I myself think that you should take the time to​ make sure you have adequate weather stripping, this could solve this problem.

Even with the few problems, people were very happy with their purchase. The quality, the price, the look and the gas mileage they gained, to​ mention a​ few of​ the positive things. Just a​ little heads up but some actually contacted Extang about some problems such as​ the gap between the cover and the tailgate and the Rep for Extang sent them something to​ remedy the problem. Those customers were quite happy with the service they received.

Let me give you a​ brief description of​ the cover with some of​ its features. The cover is​ hinged at​ the cab and equipped with gas shocks. You can order it​ with snaps or​ with “peel & seal” J-Channel tongue and groove closure. The Fulltilt has an​ aluminum frame with spring-loaded bows. You are able to​ roll the tarp up or​ use it​ on its hinges. This lid also comes available in​ a​ toolbox edition.

If you are looking for easy access to​ your truck bed with hinges and the capability to​ roll the tarp up, I give this Fulltilt tonneau cover by Extang both thumbs up for quality and service.

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