Expresso From Coffeehouses To Your Kitchen

Expresso From Coffeehouses To Your Kitchen

Expresso - From Coffeehouses To Your Kitchen
The java world is​ exploding out of​ this world nowadays .​
Coffee has never been better and never smelled so good .​
Who would have thought that it​ would take over the fast food industry? Or should that be quick beverage industry? Espresso is​ absolutely everywhere, even in​ the middle of​ nowhere .​
It’s true! I​ buy it, and so do you .​
I​ personally cannot resist milky coffee with a​ shot of​ infused syrup .​
Oh, dear, who sells that iced mocha latte?
No matter which country you go to​ you can grab your favourite coffee on every street corner .​
Ever been to​ Turkey and slipped into a​ north-eastern village with no electricity and just the perfect aroma of​ Turkish coffee wafting up from the valley below? I​ have and so should you .​
Who says coffee isn’t mobile .​
So, I​ think the really interesting part is​ how much are we spending on our favourite espresso? If you were to​ calculate it​ at​ $4 per cup and times that by 360 days, allowing for 5 days off – you do the maths! Ouch .​
When you look at​ it​ this way it​ may be time to​ bring your coffee-house into your kitchen.
Wouldn’t it​ be perfect to​ have your own little espresso machine in​ your kitchen? Hey, now we are talking .​
Imagine waking up every morning or​ running in​ every evening to​ the aroma of​ your own home brewed espresso .​
If you have taken the time to​ look then you should have noticed that the supplies are everywhere .​
Just run up the road and grab your favourite flavouring, some milk, your favourite ground beans, and that quality machine .​
Frankly, I​ think just simply wandering into the kitchen, still in​ my pyjamas versus that horrendous drive to​ the coffee-house would be absolutely perfect .​
Don’t you agree? Now I​ bet you do this already.
Can you imagine the gas costs you would save? Why not have your cake and eat it​ too? Your espresso machine will pay for itself again and again .​
You will eliminate that day by day bill for the lattes and espressos .​
The overall cost could go to​ a​ roasting machine next? Fancy one of​ those to​ add to​ your budding home coffee-house?
Finding that perfect quality machine, it​ is​ possible to​ get a​ commercial one online .​
There are some really reasonable ones just a​ click away .​
Why not have your coffee as​ perfect as​ you do after that long drive?

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