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When Style Meets Performance: Exotic Cars 101
Searching for​ a​ quality luxury car will inevitably bring anyone to​ the​ rather apt adjective, exotic .​
Exotic food or​ exotic beauty may be more clearly defined, but what really makes for​ an​ exotic sports car?
Sleek and​ Elegant Design
Part of​ what makes an​ exotic sports car is​ the​ vehicles’ streamlined, sleek, and​ smooth designs, all of​ which serve functional purposes to​ the​ overall performance of​ the​ car albeit being so highly aesthetically pleasing .​
Indeed, even exotic sports car makers know emphasis that car enthusiasts and​ racers put on design per se .​
After all, owning an​ exotic sports car in​ contrast to​ owning a​ car is, in​ itself, a​ status symbol .​
This status is​ endowed not only by the​ make of​ the​ car but also the​ style and​ visual appeal.
In fact, companies like Ferrari even employ design houses to​ come up with their car designs .​
Design powerhouse Pininfarina, for​ example, designed the​ 2018 Ferrari ENZO .​
Breakneck Speeds
While design is​ one of​ the​ considerations of​ many car enthusiasts, the​ primary characteristic that by-far differentiates a​ sports car from the​ rest is​ its acceleration and​ maintainable road speed .​
When it​ comes to​ sports cars, it’s all a​ matter of​ speed, speed, and​ more speed .​
a​ pretty car won’t cut it​ if​ it​ cannot deliver the​ exhilarating ride that is​ expected of​ every sports car .​
Exotic cars are continually challenging the​ rate at​ which a​ car can accelerate from 0 to​ 60 mph .​
Designs are beginning to​ be shaped from the​ engineering needs of​ the​ car, in​ order to​ suitably deliver a​ new record speed .​
As of​ the​ moment, the​ 1994 Dauer 962 LeMans continues to​ reign with 2.6 seconds .​
However, with the​ likes of​ the​ 2018 Ferrari ENZO being designed based on the​ specifications of​ making a​ fast car, expect faster sports cars in​ the​ near future.
Indeed, exotic sports cars aren’t the​ type that mass produced and​ you can’t but then off-the-lot .​
Part of​ its exotic appeal is​ the​ fact that you can only have a​ certain number of​ models made available for​ sale .​
The rarer and​ more difficult to​ acquire, the​ greater a​ car’s exotic value.
It’s in​ the​ Name
Most cars don’t need visualization to​ be called exotic, they just are .​
These would include your cult sports car classics—your Porsche, your Ferrari, your Lamborghini .​
While an​ ‘exotic sports car’ may be subjectively defined over a​ huge stratum, it’s safe to​ believe that these qualities are more or​ less held in​ commonality by any definition .​
At any rate, one look at​ a​ car may be enough to​ give you a​ clue.

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