Exciting Developments In The World Of Personal Computers

Exciting Developments In the​ World of​ Personal Computers
Computers have evolved in​ the​ last few decades from archaic scientific calculators with lots of​ strange symbols on​ the​ buttons to​ point and​ click machines that a​ four year old could master. ​
People still claim to​ be ‘computer illiterate’ these days but such people probably have not investigated the​ new types of​ machines. ​
You no longer have to​ program a​ computer to​ get a​ response and​ machines are extremely userfriendly these days. ​
Spending just thirty minutes with a​ computer could probably turn the​ most selfconfessed ‘computer illiterate’ into someone who understands how to​ get around the​ internet,​ find new friends in​ chat rooms and​ find all kinds of​ interesting information online.
To use a​ computer nowadays,​ you need to​ learn how to​ turn the​ machine on,​ push a​ few buttons and​ use a​ mouse. ​
Computers of​ this generation nearly seem to​ run themselves! These thousand dollar computers require very little knowledge from the​ part of​ the​ user.
If you do not want to​ use a​ keyboard or​ mouse,​ you can set a​ computer up to​ be voice activated. ​
You can purchase voice command software which lets you speak to​ the​ machine and​ tell it​ what to​ do. ​
This is​ very new technology that is​ still being developed,​ but is​ already being used in​ some consumer service systems.
When you last paid a​ bill over the​ phone,​ did you speak to​ a​ human or​ an automated machine? the​ chances are it​ was a​ computer which responded to​ the​ commands you gave it. ​
You would have given your full name and​ perhaps a​ credit card number. ​
if ​ you have done this,​ you have used computer technology,​ perhaps without even realizing it!
If you are new to​ the​ world of​ computers and​ do not have or​ want to​ use voice commands,​ what about touch commands? Touch command software means you can touch objects on​ the​ monitor to​ tell the​ computer what to​ do. ​
This kind of​ system is​ used a​ lot in​ ATM machines,​ known as​ ATM kiosks,​ around the​ world. ​
They are also used in​ health monitoring systems and​ at ​ employment centers. ​

You do not need either a​ keyboard or​ a​ mouse for a​ touch command enabled computer. ​
You just need to​ touch the​ boxes on​ the​ screen to​ tell that computer what you want it​ to​ do. ​
The programming which makes it​ respond is​ advanced and​ sophisticated,​ but for the​ person using the​ touch screen,​ it​ is​ an easy system to​ master.
When we​ are talking about operating computers,​ we​ usually mean more than touching screens or​ talking on​ the​ phone,​ but this does prove how far computer technology has come in​ only a​ few decades. ​
Computers are so much more userfriendly now too. ​
You will eventually need to​ learn how to​ use a​ mouse and​ keyboard if ​ you want to​ get a​ home computer,​ work with a​ cash register or​ booking system,​ but it​ is​ fine to​ try out easier ways first to​ familiarize yourself and​ get more confident.
A lot of​ the​ software around today is​ designed with newbies in​ mind,​ so that anyone can send an email,​ connect to​ the​ internet or​ download a​ song in​ mp3 format a​ few hours after plugging your new machine in​ for the​ first time.

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