Excellent Cure For Extravagance And Especially For Mistaken Economy

Excellent Cure For Extravagance And Especially For Mistaken Economy

Excellent Cure for​ Extravagance, and​ Especially for​ Mistaken Economy.
When you find that you have no surplus at​ the​ end of​ the​ year, and​ yet have a​ good income, I​ advise you to​ take a​ few sheets of​ paper and​ form them into a​ book and​ mark down every item of​ expenditure .​
Post it​ every day or​ week in​ two columns, one headed necessaries or​ even comforts, and​ the​ other headed luxuries, and​ you will find that the​ latter column will be double, treble, and​ frequently ten times greater than the​ former .​
The real comforts of​ life cost but a​ small portion of​ what most of​ us can earn .​
It is​ the​ eyes of​ others and​ not our own eyes which ruin us .​
If all the​ world were blind except myself l should not care for​ fine clothes or​ furniture .​
In America many persons like to​ repeat we are all free and​ equal, but it​ is​ a​ great mistake in​ more senses than one.
That we are born free and​ equal is​ a​ glorious truth in​ one sense, yet we are not all born equally rich, and​ we never shall be.
One may say; there is​ a​ man who has an​ income of​ fifty thousand dollars per annum, while I​ have but one thousand dollars; I​ knew that fellow when he was poor like myself; now he is​ rich and​ thinks he is​ better than I​ am; I​ will show him that I​ am as​ good as​ he is; I​ will go and​ buy a​ horse and​ buggy; no, I​ cannot do that, but I​ will go and​ hire one and​ ride this afternoon on the​ same road that he does, and​ thus prove to​ him that I​ am as​ good as​ he is.
My friend, you need not take that trouble; you can easily prove that you are as​ good as​ he is; you have only to​ behave as​ well as​ he does; but you cannot make anybody believe that you are rich as​ he is​ .​
Besides, if​ you put on these airs, add waste your time and​ spend your money, your poor wife will be obliged to​ scrub her fingers off at​ home, and​ buy her tea two ounces at​ a​ time, and​ everything else in​ proportion, in​ order that you may keep up appearances, and, after all, deceive nobody .​
On the​ other hand, Mrs .​
Smith may say that her next-door neighbor married Johnson for​ his money, and​ everybody says so .​
She has a​ nice one-thousand dollar camel’s hair shawl, and​ she will make Smith get her an​ imitation one, and​ she will sit in​ a​ pew right next to​ her neighbor in​ church, in​ order to​ prove that she is​ her equal.
My good woman, you will not get ahead in​ the​ world, if​ your vanity and​ envy thus take the​ lead .​
In this country, where we believe the​ majority ought to​ rule, we ignore that principle in​ regard to​ fashion, and​ let a​ handful of​ people, calling themselves the​ aristocracy, run up a​ false standard of​ perfection, and​ in​ endeavoring to​ rise to​ that standard, we constantly keep ourselves poor; all the​ time digging away for​ the​ sake of​ outside appearances .​
How much wiser to​ be a​ law unto ourselves and​ say, we will regulate our out-go by our income, and​ lay up something for​ a​ rainy day .​
People ought to​ be as​ sensible on the​ subject of​ money-getting as​ on any other subject .​
Like causes produces like effects .​
You cannot accumulate a​ fortune by taking the​ road that leads to​ poverty .​
It needs no prophet to​ tell us that those who live fully up to​ their means, without any thought of​ a​ reverse in​ this life, can never attain a​ pecuniary independence.

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