Evidence Eliminator Review

Evidence Eliminator Review
As you may be aware, you can speed up your PC and Internet Browser, reclaim lost Hard Disk space and professionally clean your PC .​
Also you can make it​ safer to​ use the Internet all in​ one click of​ your mouse .​
Did you know that in​ some sense your computer might be spying on you and your family? Every click you make on Windows Start Menu is​ logged and stored permanently on a​ hidden encrypted database within your own computer.
The reality is​ that deleting Internet cache and history, will not protect you .​
Your PC is​ keeping frightening records of​ both your online and off-line activity .​
Any of​ the web pages, pictures, movies, videos, sounds, e-mail and everything else you or​ anyone else have ever viewed could easily be recovered, even many years later .​
Consider how would you feel if​ somebody snooped this information out of​ your computer and made it​ public .​
Do you know if​ your children or​ their friends used your computers to​ download and/or delete files?
Evidence Eliminator does and will stop deleted files from coming back to​ embarrass you or​ someone else .​
It is​ possible to​ have a​ far more rewarding and safer Internet experience .​
You can start now to​ enjoy the benefits of​ a​ truly clean and faster like-new computer experience
If you are like most people, you most likely surf the Internet and send E-mail at​ work .​
If so your work computer will be full of​ evidence .​
It is​ becoming commonplace in​ the workplace for companies to​ copy and investigate the contents of​ their employees' computers without their consent or​ knowledge .​
This is​ legal and it​ is​ happening more and more as​ companies try to​ protect themselves from fraud and from loss due to​ poor productivity from Internet browsing workers .​
Your job could be at​ risk .​
People like you are losing their jobs right now because of​ their Internet activities in​ America and the United Kingdom .​
According to​ a​ recent news report, 73.5% of​ all companies admit they record and review their employees' communications and activities on the job.
There is​ no need for you to​ continue to​ take risks with your job, family, car, property or​ everything else that could be negatively impacted by someone snooping or​ stealing from your personal computer .​
Evidence Eliminator can protect you from the dangers of​ the Internet .​
It will transform your computer into a​ safe, clean and faster machine .​
If you have a​ business, protect your workplace and computers with Evidence Eliminator .​
Don't get investigated, instead get protection with Evidence Eliminator.
It has been proven that Evidence Eliminator is​ capable of​ defeating the same forensic software as​ used by the Los Angeles Police Department, US Secret Service, and Customs Department.
Evidence Eliminator provides many unique user benefits:
• It is​ top-notch professional program
• It can speed up your computer significantly
• Has a​ simple, easy to​ master user interface
• Offers auto-configuration of​ popular locations where evidence is​ stored
• The Stealth Mode provides invisible operations for your complete protection
• The Safety Check feature provides easy protection for new users
• Set and Forget usability - you only have to​ set-up the program once
• One button daily security and protection
• Offers a​ secure deletion process similar to​ United States military standards
• Eliminates sensitive files and data even if​ locked by your Windows operating system
• Provides full Windows Explorer integration
• Includes Hot-Key recycle bin protection
• Features auto-start with Windows for immediate response
• Features auto power-off when completed on ATX/APM powered personal computers
• All major functions are available direct from convenient system tray icon
• Intercepts and secures standard Windows shutdowns and restarts (Win 95/98)
• Includes command-line options for task schedulers
• Allows detailed logging of​ all operations with options for daily logs
• The Test Mode allows easy diagnosis and logging of​ drive irregularities
• The Quick Mode runs most functions in​ one minute or​ less
Evidence Eliminator offers FREE Lifetime Technical Support
Should you require it, their Technical Support staff is​ available and can be contacted free.
Evidence Eliminator offers Lifetime Upgrades
You will become entitled to​ free lifetime Upgrades for the life of​ the product .​
This represents truly amazing value .​
This program requires Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows Millennium, Windows NT4, Windows 2000 or​ Windows XP.
Minimum: 486, 16 MB RAM, Windows 95 and an​ Internet Browser (IE4 or​ later).
Recommended: Pentium or​ compatible .​
Windows 98, Windows ME with IE5 or​ NSN4+ or​ Windows 2000 or​ XP with 64MB RAM or​ Windows NT4.
MSRP: Tracks Eraser Pro - $29.95
Tracks Eraser - $19.95

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