Everything You Need To Know About Construction Equipment Leasing And How To Get It

Everything You Need To Know About Construction Equipment Leasing And
How To Get It

Everything You Need To Know About Construction Equipment Leasing...And How To Get It!
As a​ decision-maker in​ the​ construction industry, weighing all equipment acquisition options is​ a​ critical aspect of​ the​ job - especially given today's fluid marketplace .​
With construction equipment leasing you don't have to​ worry about the​ overhead of​ the​ purchase while keeping your cash accessible .​
No matter how big or​ small your project you can always find leasing options from the​ financial institutions who specialise in​ this type of​ product .​
Plus, payments you make under an​ operating lease are tax deductible .​
65% of​ the​ top businesses lease equipment, according to​ an​ ELA survey .​
The top reasons these businesses cite for​ leasing include consistent expenses in​ budget management, increased cash flow, and​ the​ ability to​ have the​ latest equipment .​
As businesses prepare to​ compete and​ grow in​ a​ new millennium, many are searching for​ proven new ways to​ address their equipment financing needs .​
And the​ choice for​ an​ increasing number in​ construction is​ clear: equipment leasing.
If structured properly, as​ a​ true lease, construction equipment leasing has some very important tax benefits .​
The payments can be considered a​ rental resulting in​ a​ 100% expense write-off .​
At the​ end of​ the​ year you would simply total your payments and​ deduct them entirely as​ an​ expense .​
This is​ a​ much more rapid write-off than interest expense and​ depreciation .​
Most leases do not have to​ be shown on your financial statement as​ a​ liability, since theoretically it​ is​ a​ contingent liability, and​ only has to​ be shown as​ a​ footnote .​
This keeps your financial statement from becoming overloaded with debt and​ is​ important if​ your bank lines require maintaining certain ratios .​
The biggest benefit, however, is​ that you can get the​ most money with the​ least information... .​
Up to​ approx .​
$100,000 with a​ single page application!
For many in​ construction equipment leasing makes perfect sense .​
Especially when you consider the​ upside: Leasing allows you to​ keep your machine stock flexible .​
When your work changes, your machines can too .​
It provides a​ planned schedule for​ equipment replacement, helping you run newer, up-to-date equipment so you'll have less downtime .​
It generally requires smaller amounts of​ money up front and​ monthly payments on your construction equipment leasing are generally lower than installment payments, thus freeing up cash and​ increasing the​ liquidity of​ your assets .​
And it​ doesn't lock you into a​ long-term commitment to​ purchase .​
It would therefore be wise for​ any business executive to​ investigate the​ advantages to​ equipment leasing in​ order to​ make the​ best use of​ current financial resources.

Everything You Need To Know About Construction Equipment Leasing And
How To Get It

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