Everything On The Internet Is Content

Everything On The Internet Is Content

Before you​ start to​ think that this is​ another SEO technique that may or​ may not work depending on​ the​ current algorithms of​ the​ search engines, think about it…

EVERYTHING on​ the​ internet is​ CONTENT.

The internet is​ a​ veritable treasure trove of​ information. Good, bad, valuable or​ not, the​ internet is​ all about providing information to​ people. That is​ why smart internet marketers know that people want information from their websites – not just SEO enriched pages of​ advertising.

The loopholes that search engine optimizers have been trying to​ use for​ high ranking in​ the​ search engine has created a​ plethora of​ sites that boast high key

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