Every Internet Marketer Should Have A Kiss Website

Every Internet Marketer Should Have A Kiss Website

The title of​ this article may prompt you​ to​ think that you​ should have a​ website based off the​ rock band “KISS”. No, “KISS” in​ this case refers to​ the​ old marketing adage “Keep it​ Simple Stupid”. it​ is​ critical to​ keep this marketing strategy in​ mind when you​ are creating your website.

How can you​ use the​ KISS method when creating your website? Employ the​ following technical and​ marketing strategies and​ you​ will have a​ KISS certified website. These strategies can apply to​ any Internet business. in​ addition, it​ doesn’t matter what your educational background is​ because everyone can utilize these techniques.

Your KISS strategy should encompass the​ following three types of​ websites: Branding site, Sales Letter site, and​ Power Squeeze Site. We will discuss each site in​ further detail.

Site #1 - Branding Site: the​ purpose of​ your Branding site is​ to​ brand your company, products, and/or services. This page needs to​ be basic so keep the​ number of​ options to​ a​ minimum. Remember, a​ confused mind never buys. a​ potential customer will leave your site in​ the​ blink of​ an​ eye if​ they are overwhelmed by the​ number of​ options.

It is​ also important to​ note that only 1% of​ your customers will come from the​ subscription box on​ your branding site. Also, only 1% of​ your customers will come from the​ product page here. Therefore, the​ main purpose of​ the​ branding site is​ to​ create your brand.

Site #2 – Sales Letter Site: the​ purpose of​ your Sales Letter site is​ to​ get the​ customer to​ purchase your product or​ service. Your Sales Letter site will contain your sales letter. you​ don’t want customers to​ leave this page because once they leave the​ page the​ chances of​ creating a​ sales conversion dramatically decrease. Therefore, don’t put in​ options that allow people to​ leave your Sales Letter site.

Site #3 – Power Squeeze Site: the​ purpose of​ the​ Power Squeeze site is​ to​ capture personal information from your customer. the​ only information you​ need to​ capture on​ your Power Squeeze site includes: first name, last name, and​ primary email address. This will allow you​ to​ start a​ relationship with each customer. you​ can always capture more personal information later.

It is​ also helpful to​ tell customers exactly what you​ want them to​ do on​ this page. in​ other

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