Ever Thought Of Buying A Piece Of Eco Or Ethical Household Furniture

Ever Thought Of Buying A Piece Of Eco Or Ethical Household Furniture

Ask yourself this - Do you own any eco friendly furniture, or​ anything that is​ made from an​ ethical source or​ bought from an​ ethical retailer? The majority of​ Western consumers may say they don’t, and probably most of​ them are not even familiar with the concepts. So what is​ eco friendly furniture, an​ ethical source or​ ethical retailer and why should you consider buying such products?

Increasingly we find ourselves beset by problems that seem beyond our control; global warming, GM Foods, animal testing, the spread of​ factory farming, the arms trade and human rights abuses, to​ list but a​ few. Shoppers are often left feeling helpless, the typical response being ‘there’s nothing I can do’.

But you can by shopping in​ an​ Ethical way. Put simply, this is​ buying things that are made ethically by companies that act ethically. Buying ethically means buying a​ brand or​ from a​ company which doesn’t exploit labour, animals or​ the environment.

Eco friendly furniture is​ defined as​ furniture made by nontoxic, sustainable, renewable materials. an​ example is​ garden furniture made from recycled wood. The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) is​ an​ international network to​ promote responsible management of​ the world’s forests. FSC brings people together to​ find solutions to​ the problems created by bad forestry practices and to​ reward good forest management.

Why buy ethically?

Due to​ a​ world population of​ 6 billion and the demand for wood that follows, forests have been clear-cut throughout the equatorial regions of​ the world. From Indonesia to​ Africa to​ the Americas, deforestation has robbed the world of​ nearly half of​ the original tropical forests. Often this deforestation has been fueled by multinational timber companies who came in, cut everything in​ sight, and moved on.

Although we are beginning to​ hear the term Carbon neautral more and more. (What this means is​ that in​ terms of​ timber, for every tree they cut down. They plant another in​ either the same place or​ a​ different place. That way they remain neutral) Everyone needs to​ go shopping in​ one way or​ another. as​ an​ ethical consumer, every time you buy something you can make a​ difference by choosing an​ ethical furniture product or​ by buying from an​ ethical business.

For example, when you buy from a​ company that doesn’t exploit its workers and provides them with decent working conditions, you are giving the company the funds to​ continue its ethical behaviour. at​ the same time, you are no longer buying from a​ company that exploits its labour with poor pay and often a​ dangerous working environment. That company then loses business, which may encourage it​ to​ change its ways and to​ look after its workers.

Shopping for ethical and eco furniture has never been easier with companies such as​ GuideMeGreen that lists 100s of​ relevant companies.

Ever Thought Of Buying A Piece Of Eco Or Ethical Household Furniture

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