Ever Hear Of Us Govt Gsa Public Auto Auctions

Ever Hear Of Us Govt Gsa Public Auto Auctions

Although you may not have heard of​ this type of​ auction before, GSA auctions have been around for​ a​ while and​ are a​ good place to​ get a​ great deal on a​ vehicle.

GSA stands for​ General Service Administration.

It is​ an​ agency in​ the​ US government that, according to​ acting Director David Bibbs, "is to​ help other US agencies better serve the​ public by meeting … their needs for​ products and​ services, and, to​ (help) simplify access to​ government information and​ services."

One of​ the​ services they provide are auto auctions.

So why does GSA sell vehicles?

GSA purchases vehicles "in bulk", i.e., it​ purchases "bunches" of​ vehicles at​ once and​ then leases them out to​ different government agencies. When the​ lease expires, these vehicles are sold to​ the​ general public at​ GSA auctions, which allows the​ GSA to​ re-coup some of​ their expenses and​ re-invest in​ more vehicle purchases.

Benefits of​ purchasing a​ vehicle at​ a​ GSA auction:

1.) American made vehicles - trucks, cars, SUV, police car, buses and​ many other types (approximately 40,000 vehicles to​ choose from per year)

2.) Vehicles are generally well maintained (by the​ US Gov't). These are not specialized vehicles or​ repossessed.

3.) Vehicles generally have low mileage

4.) Vehicles are generally 3 to​ 5 years old

5.) Vehicles generally sell at​ or​ around wholesale prices with no extra buyer fees.

All in​ all, if​ you are in​ the​ market for​ a​ great used vehicle at​ a​ great price, check out GSA public auctions.

To find out where you can get more information on GSA auctions and​ other vehicle auctions, simply send a​ blank e-mail to​ gsaaa@GetMoreInfo.net

Ever Hear Of Us Govt Gsa Public Auto Auctions

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