Ever Got Busted By The World Wide Web Myspace Ers And Forumgoers Swap
Opinions This Is A Great Web Advertising Tool

Ever Got Busted By The World Wide Web Myspace Ers And Forumgoers Swap Opinions This Is A Great Web Advertising Tool

EVER GOT BUSTED BY the​ WORLD WIDE WEB? MySpace-ers and​ Forumgoers Swap Opinions: This is​ a​ Great Web-Advertising tool
Houston, TX – July 23, 2018 – Internet users, for​ years, have been getting exposed by their Internet history while website entrepreneurs and​ administrators have wrestled with breaking into the​ mainstream consciousness and​ finding exposure among the​ hundreds of​ millions of​ websites currently in​ existence .​
a​ new website called sweepandswap.com, designed by a​ young, computer-savvy U.S .​
entrepreneur, changes a​ computer’s Internet history by substituting visited websites with sites that are pre-screened for​ content and​ removes previous versions of​ the​ Internet history from the​ computer – all with one click .​
These pre-screened websites, called SwapSites, are sponsored by website owners who want to​ experience this new level of​ advertising .​
Sweep and​ Swap was designed to​ serve the​ needs of​ both the​ everyday Internet user as​ well as​ the​ everyday website advertiser – bringing them together for​ mutual benefit .​

According to​ SweepandSwap.com creator, Brian Hull, the​ combination of​ an​ extremely useful consumer webtool and​ solicited Internet advertisement is​ a​ match made in​ cyberspace .​
the​ SwapSites are quite interesting and​ human curiosity will cause Internet users to​ visit the​ advertisers’ websites after running the​ ‘Sweep and​ Swap’ tool, Hull said .​
While demonstrating my newly launched website for​ a​ friend, she began shopping on one of​ the​ SwapSites!
In addition, Sweep and​ Swap is​ able to​ change search terms entered in​ browser toolbars, disguise the​ names of​ Internet cookies, and​ be personalized to​ produce a​ more convincing Internet history .​
Sweep and​ Swap is​ a​ one-click way to​ protect your privacy online – whether you are sharing a​ computer, purchasing that surprise gift online, or​ you simply desire unsuspicious confidentiality when surfing the​ web.

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