Ethical SEO

Ethical SEO

Ethical SEO – or​ Search Engine Optimization if​ you​ prefer,​ is​ the​ process of​ optimizing a​ website with the​ purpose of​ raising its positions in​ the​ Google search engine.

The actual process of​ SEO can be quite a​ complicated one,​ and can vary depending on​ the​ actual website in​ question,​ and the​ keyterms being sought.

The various techniques can include but are not limited to,​ Meta tags and Header tags,​ keyword density,​ and alt tag optimization. as​ well as​ this,​ Off Page optimization is​ taken into consideration.

Off Page SEO techniques involve securing,​ maintaining and growing relevant backlinks,​ with certain configurations in​ the​ anchor text. This can have a​ great effect in​ raising the​ rankings of​ specific keyterms.

Because of​ the​ positive effect of​ building backlinks on​ search engine rankings,​ some website owners have taken to​ actually buying backlinks in​ an​ attempt to​ raise their rankings.

Google has been known to​ consider this technique as​ manipulation of​ its algorithm,​ and may have been concerned that this may result in​ its search engine bringing less relevant results.

This has led Google to​ try to​ penalise people for buying backlinks.

Some people feel that Google has stepped out of​ line in​ trying to​ penalise webmasters for doing this,​ but there is​ another way of​ looking at​ things;

The reason Google does not want people buying links to​ raise their websites rankings is​ that the​ reason building backlinks raises a​ websites rankings is​ that each backlink is​ considered as​ a​ ‘vote’ for it. if​ people are buying backlinks,​ then in​ effect they are buying votes! … This is​ something that is​ frowned upon in​ most sections of​ society!

It is​ still possible to​ carry out Off Page SEO campaigns however. it​ is​ just that the​ methods have changed. Instead of​ trying to​ trick Google,​ it​ is​ best to​ work with methods Google does not frown upon. This means having quality content on​ your website (okay,​ we know… this is​ on​ Page SEO technically,​ but it​ does make the​ Off Page SEO easier!) Having good site content means that people will WANT to​ link to​ your website.

The next step is​ to​ get the​ message out that this high quality info is​ on​ your website. Some link building techniques can be used for this,​ but not in​ an​ attempt to​ manipulate Google,​ just to​ get the​ word out about your website… then people will want to​ link to​ the​ great info they find!

Articles,​ press releases,​ guest blog interviews and RSS feeds are all great ways of​ doing this. This kind of​ specialist off page SEO is​ what we at​ consider Ethical SEO,​ as​ it​ is​ not intended to​ manipulate Google results at​ all; instead we give google exactly what it​ wants… a​ website full of​ great relevant information that people will find useful,​ with info about the​ website in​ good positions on​ the​ web to​ start people talking about it,​ then backlinks should naturally build themselves.

A basic,​ but holistic way of​ looking at​ Ethical SEO is​ that for maximum effect,​ both on​ PAGE and OFF PAGE SEO techniques need to​ be carried out together in​ a​ methodical way.

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