Essay Reveals A Writer In You

Essay Reveals A Writer In You

During your study at​ college, many eyes will evaluate your essay, many heads will be thinking about its content. And your aim is​ not to​ disappoint them, not to​ hand in​ just another ordinary essay. There are some fundamentals common for all the essays we want to​ share with you. Though it​ may appear too obvious to​ you, but please DO read the essay topic very attentively and thoughtfully. One of​ the most common mistakes I come across when checking the essays is​ misinterpretation of​ the topic. Some students stick off the point, others don’t answer the target problem of​ the essay. Avoid this mistake. Some tutors assign their own topics and very often they might be too abstract. Others offer the choice of​ the topic to​ the students, mentioning the necessary type of​ the essay (e.g. comparison/contrast essay comparison/contrast essay). in​ either case don’t despair! Your tutor wants you to​ demonstrate your abilities in​ thinking and your skills in​ committing them to​ paper. Impress him, because you can. Though essay excludes plagiarism, you can’t do with referring to​ useful literature. Read a​ lot, read diverse literature… Then you will put down all the sources into your reference list.

It is​ a​ good thing to​ discuss your topic with someone. an​ ideal variant is​ your tutor, because he will give you useful advice and will clarify his own opinion on the subject. if​ he is​ not available, discuss your issue with a​ person you respect. The essay answers the question WHY? (E.g. a​ persuasive essay answers the question WHY do I have such an​ opinion on the point?). in​ other words, essay can be defined as​ some kind of​ a​ letter to​ your imaginary friend (your perspective reader) who asked you the question “WHY?”. So, the first section of​ your “letter” is​ - introduction. Here you inform the reader about the essence of​ the problem and prepare him for the course of​ the discussion.

Then you continue your discourse in​ supporting paragraphs. Your aim is​ to​ gain the reader over and to​ capture his imagination. How can you do it? Examples: a​ lot of​ sound, pertinent examples make a​ convincing and effective essay. Especially rich in​ the examples must be expository essays which aim at​ explaining something to​ the audience. Last sentences of​ the essay make up a​ conclusion. it​ is​ your final word with the reader. So, use it​ efficiently and make a​ strong notable conclusion. Though essay is​ not the easiest task, but if​ you give a​ conscious approach to​ it, if​ you treat it​ with spirit, then your essay will help you to​ win the tutor’s respect. And what is​ more important you will believe that you are creative and inventive!

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