Equestrian College Programs

Equestrian College Programs

Elements of​ a​ Good Equestrian College Program
If you are someone who is​ passionate about equines (read: horses), and​ you want to​ use your time in​ college to​ learn more about them, then you might want to​ check out the​ various Equestrian college programs available today .​
Many colleges offer such programs .​
However, picking a​ single program over all of​ the​ choices can be a​ bit confusing .​
In order to​ help you choose the​ best program, here are a​ few things that you might want to​ look for:
A) Focus – you need to​ see if​ the​ programs offered by a​ specific college are appropriate to​ help you get a​ career doing what you love and​ working with horses .​
There are various skills that you can learn and​ a​ focus on these learning areas shows you what the​ college can do for​ you .​
Here are the​ areas of​ focus:
1) Horseback riding and​ training – an​ equestrian is​ often defined by his or​ her ability to​ ride horses .​
Riding is​ a​ skill that will forever be attached to​ the​ title equestrian .​
However, riding is​ just the​ tip of​ the​ iceberg .​
In order to​ learn how to​ be a​ true equestrian, you need to​ learn how to​ work with your horse, training it​ and​ shaping it​ until it​ can respond to​ your slightest command .​
Remember that Equestrian studies is​ not just about you; It's about both you and​ your horse.
2) Horse care – you also need to​ learn how to​ take care of​ your horses .​
a​ lot of​ people assume that the​ hardest part of​ being an​ equestrian is​ getting your horse to​ jump .​
This is​ a​ fantasy .​
In order to​ become a​ true equestrian, you need to​ learn how to​ take care of​ your mount .​
You need to​ understand horses inside and​ out .​
You will study the​ horse's anatomy, how to​ fee it, how to​ groom it, and​ other essentials in​ horse care.
3) Horse Businesses – once you have acquired the​ skills, you need to​ learn how to​ use those skills to​ help you in​ the​ real world .​
In other words, you should learn the​ appropriate techniques to​ turn your skills into money .​
a​ good program will teach you to​ run horse-related businesses, such as​ stables, riding schools, and​ others.
B) Hands-on learning – a​ good program will always allow the​ students to​ learn about horses hands-on .​
You cannot be a​ classroom equestrian .​
There is​ not such thing .​
You need to​ actually work with horses in​ order to​ become an​ equestrian .​
The best way to​ judge a​ college equestrian program would be to​ see if​ there are any stables in​ the​ campus .​
This shows you just how extensive the​ training of​ the​ students is​ going to​ be .​
You should also check to​ see if​ the​ program includes internships .​
This is​ the​ best way to​ learn how to​ apply classroom skills in​ the​ real world.
C) Extracurricular activities – in​ order to​ see just how much you will learn from a​ college's equestrian program, you might want to​ check out if​ they have a​ great equestrian or​ polo team .​
This will show you just how much you will be able to​ learn .​
It will also give you a​ glimpse on how much the​ school prides itself on this field.
Those are just some of​ the​ things you need to​ check out in​ choosing a​ college equestrian program .​
Remember: you can always check how much the​ teacher can give before you start taking classes.

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