Entertainment Insurance For The Creative Soul

Entertainment Insurance For the​ Creative Soul
Are you​ one of​ those creative people who would rather starve than be caught working a​ nine-to-five desk job? One who is​ bursting with imagination and needs an​ outlet for ideas? One who wants to,​ or​ already does,​ work in​ the​ entertainment industry,​ whether it​ is​ the​ business of​ filmmaking or​ producing Broadway shows? If so,​ you​ need to​ consider purchasing entertainment insurance.
Entertainment insurance can be compared to​ the​ workplace insurance available to​ standard,​ nine-to-five jobs .​
Entertainment insurance can cover liability issues,​ as​ well as​ damages to​ or​ theft of​ the​ equipment you,​ your staff,​ and your cast use for your entertainment performances .​
Entertainment insurance can act as​ worker’s compensation should you,​ your staff,​ or​ your cast become injured on​ the​ job,​ and entertainment insurance can even help cover the​ cost of​ production if​ the​ injury or​ illness of​ you,​ your staff,​ or​ your cast delays further production for a​ certain amount of​ time.
You can also purchase additional entertainment insurance that goes beyond just covering you,​ your staff,​ and your cast,​ as​ well as​ your equipment and production costs .​
You can purchase entertainment insurance to​ cover the​ cost of​ injuries and/or damages to​ audience members and/or their belongings caused by your performance,​ as​ well.
Most entertainment insurance policies last only for a​ specific amount of​ time,​ and that amount of​ time is​ usually the​ beginning,​ the​ during,​ and sometimes the​ ending of​ your performance .​
When you​ purchase entertainment insurance,​ you​ need to​ let your insurance agent know how long the​ entertainment policy must last .​
If you​ fail to​ do this,​ your entertainment insurance policy may run out before it’s time,​ and if​ an​ accident occurs,​ you’re stuck with no entertainment insurance.
Yes,​ there are many differences between the​ world of​ entertainment employment and the​ world of​ nine-to-five jobs; however,​ protecting your workplace,​ your employees,​ yourself,​ and your customers by purchasing insurance is​ definitely not one of​ those differences.
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