Entensys Campaign For Education Helps Pupils Easily Access Internet Learning Resources

Entensys Campaign For Education Helps Pupils Easily Access Internet
Learning Resources

Entensys Campaign for​ Education helps pupils easily access Internet learning resources
Entensys, a​ leading provider of​ Internet Sharing and​ security software, announced the​ start of​ their Campaign for​ Education, which aims to​ help pupils easily access Internet learning resources .​
The essence of​ the​ campaign is​ to​ provide educational institutions with a​ complete, fully functional, easy-to–use and​ extremely secure Internet sharing solution at​ a​ minimal price, which connects an​ entire LAN to​ the​ Internet through a​ single IP address, as​ well as​ monitors and​ controls how users access the​ Internet with advanced access rules and​ statistics.
The Internet is​ one of​ the​ most important and​ easiest ways to​ interact and​ obtain educational resources, but there are several obvious issues that need to​ be addressed before we open this door to​ our children.
How do we protect pupils from adult or​ other inappropriate content? How do we secure a​ school network from virus attacks and​ intrusions? How can we monitor and​ control user Internet connections? How can we know exactly how much Internet traffic each computer and/or user consumes?
Entensys provides UserGate Internet Security Server, a​ multifunctional, stable and​ secure software solution that enables network administrators to​ set up and​ easily manage their network users' Internet access .​
UserGate is​ easy to​ install, quick to​ deploy and​ simple to​ manage it doesn’t require any special knowledge and​ it​ has a​ clear, intuitive interface .​
The whole installation, including the​ settings procedure, takes about 10 minutes.
UserGate is​ not only a​ very sophisticated Internet connection and​ proxy server .​
It now has a​ built-in dual antivirus core Panda Software and​ Kaspersky, both industry leaders, an​ advanced Authentication Client and​ includes many other extremely high security capabilities .​
There are also extensive plans for​ more security settings in​ UserGate to​ make it​ even more of​ a​ multifunctional Internet security server, so you​ can set it​ up depending on​ your network specifics.
Within this project, Entensys is​ focused on​ providing the​ strongest possible package of​ network hardware combined with UserGate Server as​ a​ complete network solution for​ Internet access sharing for​ German schools .​
In this effort, Entensys is​ working with HardwareWelten www.hardwarewelten.de/, the​ innovative German provider of​ hardware, which together will supply customized solutions for​ public schools, boarding-schools and​ other private educational organizations.
Entensys Corporation recognizes the​ need to​ provide a​ special discount to​ education and​ to​ government organizations .​
UserGate Internet Security Server is​ deeply discounted to​ make it​ affordable to​ students, teachers, staff and​ schools, including home schools .​
Entensys provides educational institutions a​ 40% discount for​ UserGate software.
For sales enquires, customer service, technical support, or​ to​ contact project management, go to​ www.entensys.com/contactus/
To contact the​ Entensys partner in​ Germany, go to​ info@hardwarewelten.de

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