Enhance Delivery Of Your Internet Content To End Users With Rss

Enhance Delivery Of Your Internet Content To End Users With Rss

The first step in​ marketing your product is​ to​ get your content delivered to​ end-users. Only then can you​ communicate to​ them, sell your products and​ build lasting relationships with them. While some Internet information delivery channels fail in​ their purpose as​ in​ the​ case of​ e-mails. This in​ turn throws most of​ our publishing efforts to​ delete box. We end up wasting money, efforts and​ most of​ all our precious time. Direct marketing, direct selling, relationship building, public relations through direct communication with media, communicating with your business partners and​ employees, direct advertising of​ your products, customer announcements and​ updates all these are made impossible if​ your content cannot be delivered to​ the​ end-users. End users can be your customers, prospects, the​ media, business partners and​ employees.
RSS assures 100% delivery of​ the​ contents to​ the​ people who have willingly subscribed for​ your information.

Below are some general examples of​ the​ contents you​ can deliver to​ your various subscribers:
· Newspapers can use RSS feeds to​ deliver their latest news articles to​ the​ subscribers. This enables them to​ always stay informed about the​ flash news around the​ globe. the​ book publishers can use RSS feeds to​ announce their best sellers. This would help their users to​ keep track of​ releases they are most interested in.
· RSS feeds can help the​ affiliate managers to​ communicate with their affiliates.
· Banks can create RSS feeds to​ post their customers on​ their new schemes on​ savings or​ any change in​ the​ interest rates calculated etc.
· Software being the​ hottest on​ the​ current technology market, software companies can keep their subscribers informed on​ the​ latest downloads and​ relevant software packages available. They can also provide them with easy access to​ software updates, delivered to​ them exactly as​ they become available without the​ fuss of​ having to​ visit your website or​ deal with huge e-mail attachments. Thus avoiding Spam filters or​ other barricades.
· A few hundred content publishers are using RSS to​ deliver audio content, such as​ interviews even radio shows.
· Some websites allows people to​ post pictures, videos and​ text from their mobile phones via RSS feeds.
· Educational institutions use RSS to​ deliver educational content.
· As a​ supplement to​ their e-mail delivery some use RSS feeds to​ deliver their newsletters as​ I do with mine.
· RSS feeds can help you​ publish living digital catalogues of​ your products and​ provide your customers with your latest product releases. the​ products may be categorized so that it​ is​ easier to​ view and​ place order according to​ the​ product they are interested in.
RSS auto responders with scheduled messages can be created to​ keep in​ constant marketing touch with your prospects and​ slowly get them to​ the​ point
· of purchase.
· You can provide limited-access content to​ your customers, employees, team members and​ even investors, without fearing other unwanted eyes. RSS feeds can be used for​ internal communications, team working and​ other needs.

As you​ can see, through RSS, practically any kind of​ content to​ practically any kind of​ target audiences can be delivered. the​ only thing to​ be kept in​ mind is​ the​ content has been broken down into several individual items or​ stories. the​ opportunities for​ integrating RSS in​ to​ your communicational strategies are endless. There are no limits to​ what, who and​ how you​ can communicate through RSS.

James McIntosh has been a​ business development consultant for​ the​ past 23 years helping his clients start and​ grow a​ wide variety of​ businesses. He is​ the​ editor of​ the​ free newsletter Concept Development. the​ newsletter provides free and​ low cost methods and​ tools for​ today’s entrepreneur.

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