Enhance And Fix You Site For SEO

Enhance And Fix You Site For SEO

4 common problems on​ many websites are listed here. Find out why your SEO experience has not been up to​ par. Here are some useful advices to​ optimize your site for search engines.

Using frames in​ a​ website can simplify the​ web design work. Unfortunately,​ most search engine crawlers have trouble moving around a​ framed site and may fail in​ adding all your pages to​ the​ listing.

Making a​ sitemap will make sure all the​ pages on​ your website are indexed by the​ search engines. if​ you​ own a​ dynamic website,​ you​ can use Google Sitemaps and XML to​ create a​ dynamic sitemap that will update along with the​ website itself.

Redirected Homepage
This is​ probably the​ most common mistake people make. All web server software has some way of​ telling which page is​ the​ default homepage for the​ site. if​ your homepage www.yourdomain.com redirects itself to​ www.yourdomain.com/anotherpage.html,​ then you​ need to​ change anotherpage.html to​ whatever file name your web server reads,​ most likely index.html or​ index.php. Why? Your domain name is​ what most people will link to​ from other websites. if​ your homepage isn’t exactly that domain name,​ you’re missing a​ lot of​ backward links that probably will boost your search engine rankings quite a​ bit.

Use META Tags for Duplicate Content
Many times search engines index same or​ similar products as​ duplicates,​ which results in​ the​ product page disappearing from the​ listing. to​ make your product unique from the​ other similar products out there,​ use the​ META tags to​ your advantage. Make sure you​ have a​ unique title,​ description,​ and keyword tag on​ every page of​ your site.

Enhance And Fix You Site For SEO

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