Encino Ca Relocation Information

Encino Ca Relocation Information

Encino, CA - Relocation Information
Encino is​ a​ district of​ Los Angeles, California, located in​ the central portion of​ the southern San Fernando Valley .​
It derives its name from the Rancho Los Encinos (Ranch of​ the Oaks), a​ parcel of​ land given to​ three Mission Indians by the Spanish government following its abandonment of​ the California missions in​ the early 1800s.
Encino is​ bordered by Tarzana on the west, the Sepulveda Dam Recreation Area on the north, Sherman Oaks on the east, and the Encino Reservoir of​ the Los Angeles Department of​ Water and Power on the south .​
The district's boundaries are roughly Mulholland Drive on the south, Lindley Avenue on the west, Victory Boulevard on the north, and the San Diego Freeway on the east .​
Major thoroughfares include Ventura, Magnolia, and Burbank Boulevards, as​ well as​ Balboa Boulevard, Hayvenhurst Avenue, and Haskell Avenue.
Census data
As of​ the 2000 Census, the population of​ Encino was 40,946, with a​ population density 3,864.9 per square mile .​
18.25% of​ the population was under 18, and 20.08% was over 64 .​
The district contained 18,159 housing units in​ a​ land area of​ 10.59 square miles (27.44 square kilometers) .​
Water covers 0.13 square miles (0.33 square kilometers) of​ the district.
Encino in​ popular culture
It is​ the setting of​ the 1992 comedy, Encino Man,
Encino is​ mentioned in​ Frank Zappa's 1982 hit song, Valley Girl.
The Point from Fast Times at​ Ridgemont High was located in​ Encino (Encino Little League Field).
Encino was where Ali's family lived (Elisabeth Shue) in​ the movie The Karate Kid .​
Their country club was Encino Oaks and lived on Alonzo Avenue.
Encino is​ where specials on the popular cartoon SpongeBob Square Pants takes place.
Encino is​ the setting of​ the first half of​ Chilean author Alberto Fuguet's novel Las películas de mi vida (The Movies Of My Life).
Encino is​ where, according to​ a​ recurring on-air gag, Match Game panelist Brett Somers would take host Gene Rayburn to​ a​ nice hotel after the show if​ she were feeling frisky.
The Jackson Family have owned a​ mansion here since the 1970's, with all their children including Michael and Janet growing up there .​
Parents Joe and Katherine still live in​ the gated mansion on Hayvenhurst Ave in​ Encino.
Notable attractions
The Encino Velodrome has provided an​ outdoor oval bicycle racing track since 1963.

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