Emu Oil The Latest Craze In Skin Care

Emu Oil The Latest Craze In Skin Care

Emu Oil the​ Latest Craze in​ Skin Care
The antiaging industry is​ big business. ​
Botox injections rank among the​ top five nonsurgical cosmetic procedures for both men and​ women. ​
And Americans now spend $12.4 billion a​ year on​ cosmeceutical products,​ such as​ facial peels and​ microdermabrasion kits. ​

For those who want to​ improve their skin tone and​ fight the​ appearance of​ wrinkles,​ emu oil might be a​ promising alternative.
Cosmetic manufacturers and​ fashion magazines are touting the​ benefits of​ this oil,​ which contains collagen and​ antioxidants. ​
Emu oil is​ used in​ cosmetic creams because of​ its antiinflammatory and​ emollient properties and​ its ability to​ deeply penetrate the​ skin. ​
Studies also show that it​ may stimulate cell renewal in​ the​ skin. ​

Emu oil is​ sold by itself or​ as​ an ingredient in​ such products as​ Deception,​ a​ wrinklehiding cream made by Dremu Skincare.
Julie Brumlik,​ CEO of​ Dremu Skincare,​ says Deception is​ ideal for people who want to​ hide the​ appearance of​ wrinkles without expensive and​ potentially risky cosmetic procedures. ​
The cream,​ she says,​ creates an optical illusion that makes the​ wrinkles nearly invisible to​ the​ naked eye.
Whats the​ secret? Deception contains microprisms that refract light away from wrinkles. ​
So the​ wrinkles seem to​ disappear instantly when the​ cream is​ applied. ​

What the​ eye [normally] sees is​ actually the​ shadow made by the​ wrinkle,​ Brumlik said. ​
When you use Deception,​ there are no shadows to​ see.
According to​ Brumlik,​ the​ cream is​ popular with Hollywood stars and​ models who need to​ look younger for particular roles or​ modeling assignments. ​
Dremu Skincare also sells pure,​ triple refined emu oil called Dremu Oil.

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