Emphasizing Your Keyword For SEO

Emphasizing Your Keyword For SEO

Once you​ get into the​ search engine optimization game,​ you​ will learn all kinds of​ fundamental axioms. Emphasizing your keyword in​ code is​ one.

Emphasizing Your Keyword For SEO

Keywords are the​ key,​ pun intended,​ to​ search engine optimization. you​ must develop an​ understanding of​ what your prospects are looking for in​ your area of​ business. Keyword research is​ the​ method for doing this and a​ step that should be undertaken with great precision and effort.

Assuming you​ have nailed down your keywords,​ the​ question arises as​ to​ how to​ use them on​ the​ pages of​ your site. There are a​ lot of​ strategies that work and everyone swears by the​ one they use. That being said,​ making sure the​ primary keyword is​ emphasized on​ the​ page is​ one strategy that I certainly use frequently.

In my opinion,​ every page on​ your site should focus on​ one keyword phrase. Others prefer to​ go with a​ variety of​ keywords totaling no more than 13 to​ 15 total words. Each approach works,​ but you​ still have to​ determine the​ particular phrase you​ wish to​ emphasize. Once you​ have selected the​ phrase,​ it​ helps to​ draw the​ attention of​ the​ search engine to​ it​ by emphasizing it​ in​ some way. to​ do this,​ most people immediately think of​ enclosing it​ in​ bold html commands. This will work,​ but there is​ a​ better way.

Using heading commands such as​ H1,​ H2,​ H3 and so on​ are the​ best way to​ emphasize a​ keyword phrase. the​ commands tell the​ search engine robots that the​ enclosed text is​ the​ focus of​ the​ page. This can only help,​ but you​ have to​ be careful how to​ use them. Personally,​ I stick to​ using them for the​ title of​ the​ page,​ which corresponds to​ the​ keyword phrase I wish to​ focus on. Trying to​ use them in​ the​ middle of​ a​ paragraph of​ text is​ not advised as​ it​ looks horrific due.

One potential issue with these commands is​ there size. if​ you​ select a​ default H1,​ your text is​ going to​ be huge. you​ can counter this by redefining the​ size if​ you​ use cascading sheets. Regardless,​ make sure the​ primary keyword is​ emphasized on​ the​ page in​ one form or​ another.

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