Emergency Response System My Experience

Emergency Response System My Experience

One of​ the​ best ways to​ protect the​ indepencence of​ an​ elderly parent, or​ parents, as​ the​ case may be, is​ to​ set them up with an​ emergency response system.
First of​ all, the​ emergency alert system will give them the​ freedom of​ living alone because help, when needed, is​ only the​ push of​ a​ button away.

I know, because my 86 year old mother slipped and​ fell in​ her bedroom just a​ few feet away from her phone, but could not get to​ it​ to​ dial for​ help.
Luckily I had installed an​ emergency response system for​ her just a​ few weeks before this incident. When she fell, she simply pushed a​ button on the​ pendant she always wears around her neck, and​ help was on the​ way.

Having an​ emergency response system installed in​ your parent's home is​ almost like having someone living with them 24/7---They are never alone.
The system I installed for​ my mom cost me less than fifty dollars and​ instead of​ paying 40 dollars or​ more each month for​ a​ monitoring service I set it​ up to​ call my own phone. I was even able to​ listen in​ to​ find out if​ she way seriously injured and​ to​ let her know I was on my way over.

Thankfully I live only 5 minutes from her home. if​ I lived any further away I would have simply called an​ ambulance or​ the​ police, who are trained to​ handle most situations.

When I arrived at​ her house I found her on the​ floor in​ the​ bedroom unable to​ move without a​ great deal of​ pain due to​ injuries sustained when she fell. I am just grateful that someone makes a​ system that is​ reliable, yet inexpensive. a​ good system where I don't have to​ pay an​ additional $40 a​ month for​ monitoring. What I don't need is​ another bill to​ pay every month.

This type of​ emergency response system gives my mom extra peace of​ mind because she knows if​ she needs help it​ is​ not a​ stranger, but her own son (or daughter---if I am not available the​ system will dial my sister's phone next) that is​ just the​ push of​ a​ button away.

for​ more information on this type of​ emergency response system just click right here on this link, or​ copy it​ into your browser,

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