Email To Telephone Innovative Tool Or High Tech Hype

Email To Telephone Innovative Tool Or High Tech Hype

What will those technology geeks come up with next? Hardly a​ day goes by anymore, that some new and "cool" high tech gadget or​ service is​ unveiled. Anyway, one of​ latest I've come across is​ something called "email to​ telephone" and I just wanted to​ pass along my thoughts on this "potentially" time-saving and innovative tool.

Email to​ Telephone does pretty much what the name implies. it​ allows you to​ send or​ receive email messages over the phone. More specifically, it​ allows you to​ listen to​ email messages over the phone and it​ also allows you to​ send voice messages as​ email via any type of​ phone - cell, satellite or​ land-line.

At first glance, I didn't feel it​ was something that had a​ whole bunch of​ inherit value but the more I looked at​ it​ the more my eyes were opened. It's probably not for everyone but then again, in​ this crazy "to and fro" world, it's another one of​ those high tech tools that can save us a​ little more of​ that most precious and valued resource of​ all - time.

I've come up with a​ few reasons why "email to​ telephone" may be right for you.

Unreliable or​ Non Existent Internet Access
Internet access isn't always reliable. in​ many parts of​ the world and even in​ some of​ the less populated areas of​ the United States internet access isn't always what many of​ us have come to​ expect - fast and reliable.

What's nice about "email to​ telephone" is​ that you don't need internet access to​ continue to​ stay in​ the communication loop because you can still send and receive email messages via your phone. This technology allows you to​ continue to​ monitor all of​ your messages regardless of​ where you find yourself.

You can keep monitoring your email even if​ you find yourself outside of​ the digital coverage area of​ your phone, such as​ deserts or​ mountains. in​ areas where you can no longer send text messages you can still listen to​ your email messages because this technology also works an​ analog signal.

Curiosity Killed the Cat
If you're anything like me you've become accustomed to​ staying in​ the know and now you can. You now have access to​ your computer's email inbox pretty much anywhere, anyplace, anytime. On the one hand a​ nice benefit, but by no stretch of​ the imagination a​ life saving benefit. However, from a​ peace of​ mind or​ psychology perspective having the type of​ access that "email to​ telephone" affords you is​ hard to​ put a​ price on.

Multi Tasking
Receiving emails by phone is​ ideal for the busy individual on the run and in​ today's hectic world - who isn't busy. Between work, errands, the kids and everything else we don't always have the time to​ sit down in​ front of​ our computer - at​ work or​ home. But we can always find a​ little dead time while traveling to​ check our phone for messages.

Instant Alerts
Some people need instant alerts. There job requires that they can be contacted at​ all times. Information Technology (IT) people are perfect example. if​ a​ company's website goes down for lengthy period of​ time, the CEO won't be pleased if​ the it​ manager says, "Sorry, I was out to​ lunch."

Other people have the misfortune of​ having to​ deal with and communicate with high-tech show-offs like myself. For these unfortunate people, who don't necessarily have the same type of​ passion for 21st century technology "email to​ telephone" can be one avenue that will allow them to​ join the modern world.

I've outlined just a​ few of​ the advantages of​ "email to​ telephone" and hopefully I've opened your mind to​ the many possibilities this exciting technology has to​ offer. On the hand, only you can decide if​ it's right for you but even if​ you're one of​ those technology dinosaurs who doesn't easily adapt, this technology may still be for you because it's not only cool but it's also easy to​ use. Technology… you've got to​ love it!

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