Email Stationery

Email Stationery

Email Stationery is​ a​ new concept meant only for electronic mailing. The letters that are sent by email are generally written on plain canvas. to​ make them more effective and fun to​ read, stationery for emails is​ being used nowadays. Once installed, this Email Stationery becomes part of​ your virtual letter. it​ is​ used both for personal and business emails.

Using Email Stationery renders a​ personal touch to​ the message. For business emails, using stationery gives it​ a​ professional impact, especially if​ it​ contains the logo, address, signature and such details. Even business cards are being designed for electronic use to​ be sent via computer. Whatever Email Stationery a​ business is​ using, it​ should match with its printed one so as​ to​ not to​ confuse the recipients. When sending personal emails, there are lots of​ colorful designs available for different occasions. You could send a​ different one each time, but try to​ keep a​ signature, symbol, background or​ clipart constant in​ each email so that the recipient knows immediately it​ is​ from you.

Email Stationery design is​ more flexible than paper stationery. One could even have animation. When designing the Email Stationery, select the background first. it​ can be in​ any color and design. it​ could even be one of​ your favorite pictures. But carefully select the background, so it​ does not hamper in​ reading the text clearly. Around the text area, you could add some clipart and borders to​ give it​ even better visual impact. Finally, you should select the typefaces and font colors that go best with the designed email layout.

If you find it​ difficult to​ design your own Email Stationery, there are free ready-made downloads also available on the Internet. They are generally supported on Outlook, Outlook Express and Incredimail emailing software. Other email packages like Yahoo and Hotmail propagate the use of​ their own stationery. Most of​ the email stationeries can be viewed in​ the IE browser and not in​ Netscape. These Email Stationery files are stored as​ HTML (Hypertext Markup Language Files) within the computer. For professional-looking Email Stationery, it​ is​ advisable to​ seek help from a​ designer.

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