Email Courses And Autoresponders 436

Email Courses And Autoresponders 436

Email Courses and Autoresponders
Offering free things to​ your website visitors is​ one
marketing method that often results in​ a​ lot of​ sales .​
Free courses that are delivered via email are very
popular, and people sign up for such courses on a​
regular basis to​ learn more about a​ topic of​ interest
to them .​
These courses are best maintained and
delivered with the use of​ autoresponders.
An autoresponder can be set up to​ send out a​
series of​ lessons for an​ email course .​
The lessons
can be set for distribution at​ specific intervals .​
determine how often the lessons for the course are
sent to​ the people who have signed up for it .​
courses are very different from traditional courses,
web based courses, or​ any other type of​ course .​
There is​ no student and instructor interaction .​
instructor writes the information out, puts each
lesson in​ an​ autoresponder series, sets the timing
for the lessons, and the rest is​ automated .​
You can
opt to​ have lessons delivered daily, every other day,
every three days, or​ any other time frame that you
think works best for your email students.
Email courses are commonly used to​ sell products
and services .​
For instance, if​ you sell widgets, you
might develop a​ course that teaches people how to​
use widgets or​ how to​ care for their widget .​
agree that an​ email course can be written for
almost any product that you can imagine – if​ you
put enough thought into it.
Start by determining what your course will be about,
and how long it​ should be .​
If the course should be
delivered every other day for two weeks, you know
that you would need seven lessons .​
Write the
lessons, and load them in​ the autoresponder .​
the interval for each lesson, which in​ this case would
be 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, and 13 .​
This means that the first lesson would be delivered
one day after the person has requested the course,
and the second lesson would be delivered three days
after the person has requested the course, and so
on .​
The interval for each lesson is​ set for the
number of​ days after the person has signed up
Make sure that everything is​ spelled right, and that
your sentences are grammatically correct .​
want the lessons to​ look and sound as​ professional
as possible.
Next, simply advertise the email address that will
activate the autoresponder .​
Make sure that you run
a test first, sending each lesson to​ yourself .​
This will
allow you to​ see what your email students will see
when they sign up!

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