Electrical Muscle Stimulator 19

The circle of​ life is​ an​ amazing thing .​
It can also be a​ humbling experience as​ we travel around the circle .​
When I​ was a​ teenager I​ used to​ tease my mother about getting older as​ she developed some joint stiffness in​ her knees and lower back .​
For my mother this would usually occur with over exertion and would go away with rest .​
Through my twenties I​ experienced minor lower back pain on and off after different activities .​
This was attributed to​ a​ fall I​ took while ice skating when I​ was fourteen .​
I​ had landed hard on my tailbone and had required some ultra sound treatments .​
By the time I​ was thirty there were times when I​ could hardly walk due to​ the pain in​ my lower back .​
After many different doctor visits and referrals to​ specialists I​ was diagnosed with a​ form of​ arthritis that affects the spine and sacroiliac joints .​
There are a​ number of​ other symptoms such as​ swelling of​ the hands and feet as​ well as​ headaches.
I was placed on different medications and was also involved in​ physical therapy to​ help me learn how to​ alleviate my pain and to​ keep my joints healthy .​
I​ had a​ standing order for physical therapy for when the pain became too great for me to​ manage at​ home .​
When I​ would come into the clinic they would treat me with hot packs, muscle massage, ultra sound treatments and electrical muscles stimulator .​
The treatments along with rest would usually help my symptoms retreat enough so that I​ could once again manage at​ home .​
One winter when my symptoms were particularly bad the physical therapist working with me suggested that I​ take one of​ the electrical muscle stimulators home with me to​ wear .​
He told me that he would have my husband watch him set it​ up on me so that he could replace the electrodes on my back after I​ showered .​
The electrical muscle stimulator is​ used to​ increase the blood flow into the muscle .​
This device is​ also used in​ victims of​ spinal cord injuries to​ help with muscles that are not longer being used to​ keep them from atrophying there is​ a​ regulator on the unit that allows the wearer to​ increase or​ decrease the stimulation .​
When I​ was wearing the electrical muscle stimulator I​ would feel slight tingles that would be going to​ the muscles .​
When I​ would go into muscle spasms I​ would turn on the stimulator to​ increase the blood flow to​ the area .​
This would help to​ disrupt the spasm and decrease my pain .​
The device is​ small enough to​ place in​ a​ pocket and the electrodes are flat so they do not show under clothing .​
It is​ a​ nice alternative for me at​ work so that I​ do not have to​ take pain killers which often make me too tired to​ perform my job duties.

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