Electric Stair Lift Shopping Tips

Electric Stair Lift Shopping Tips

Before you go to​ an​ electric stair lift dealer, you want to​ be armed with all the​ information you can muster to​ avoid being talked into something you don’t want or​ something that won’t fit your situation perfectly.

Now if​ you have a​ therapist or​ professional who can advise you on what you or​ your loved one will need in​ particular that’s always ideal. So to​ start off with, it’s a​ good idea to​ check out at​ least three different companies selling electric stair lifts. When you do this, you’ll see why, as​ prices, quality and​ service plans can differ. Keep in​ mind that as​ in​ most industries there are always bad apples preying off people’s lack of​ knowledge.

So get a​ feel for​ the​ company that you feel most comfortable and​ one that seem reputable. it​ may help to​ ask each company to​ provide you with a​ list of​ customers that you can call or​ even visit.

Usually at​ the​ electric stair lift dealership, you’ll be able to​ personally test their stair lifts. Looking at​ a​ stair lift and​ actually trying one out are two very different things!

Thanks to​ improved technology, stair lifts are quieter and​ can be installed on almost all stair cases. Watch out for​ companies selling older technology disguised as​ something new.

Most reputable companies will guarantee their electric stair lifts for​ a​ year or​ more. Notice what you’ll have to​ pay after your one-year warranty expires. You don’t want to​ be sucker-punched with a​ big “re-guarantee warranty” fee. You want to​ make sure that your service plan includes having the​ stair lift inspected every six months and​ serviced annually. it​ would also be ideal to​ have it​ in​ your plan where you can get emergency call-out service.

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