Effectiveness Of Internet Advertising You Bet

Effectiveness Of Internet Advertising You Bet

Effectiveness of​ Internet Advertising – you​ Bet!
Effectiveness for​ me is​ overrated .​
That’s why all this hubbub and​ fuss about finding and​ then constructing measurement schemes for​ internet advertising that allow for​ universal terminology, comparable systems, standardized measurement, scalable auditing, and​ all the​ rest just puts a​ burr in​ my saddle .​
I​ think we need to​ get back to​ the​ basics.
My mom once told me that it​ was the​ thought that counts .​
She also one time told me that I​ was a​ horrible person, so I​ don’t take everything that she says as​ gospel, but on​ this one I​ feel she’s on​ to​ something .​
Thought .​
Intention .​
These are the​ building blocks upon which a​ job poorly done is​ created and​ summarily congratulated .​

You tried .​
I​ see you​ really, really tried…and that’s what means something to​ me kid .​
Keep up the​ good work.
That’s the​ kind of​ response to​ failure that we should be supporting, preferring and​ engaging in​ on​ a​ daily basis .​
What’s this overwhelming value that we’ve given to​ effectiveness gotten us anyways? the​ economy’s still going through that crest and​ trough thing, the​ dollar’s down, oil’s up, cardiology is​ in​ ever growing demand and​ kids are shooting up schools like its part of​ the​ mandatory curriculum .​

Sure, there’s some things that have come with actually meeting high expectations, but do they outweigh the​ bad? I​ don’t know .​
if​ we had some form of​ effective measurement we could come to​ a​ scientifically deduced and​ pragmatically derived at​ answer .​
But we don’t, so let’s keep it​ at​ that it’s the​ thought that counts.

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