Effective Lower Back Pain Treatment

Effective Lower Back Pain Treatment

Lower back pain is​ one of​ the​ commonest problems afflicting people around the​ world at​ some point of​ time in​ their life. in​ the​ initial stages of​ pain, stretching exercises work effectively as​ Lower Back Pain Treatment. the​ lower back supports the​ upper body and​ allows the​ body to​ turn, twist, bend, lift and​ walk. it​ plays a​ very important role in​ mobility. the​ lower back takes a​ lot punishment, as​ we tend to​ overuse or​ misuse it. There are many options available for​ Lower Back Pain Treatment, depending upon the​ problem.

Medication and​ Therapies for​ Lower Back Pain Treatment

The commonest Lower Back Pain Treatment in​ case of​ severe back pains is​ acetaminophen. it​ is​ an​ over-the-counter medicine for​ oral consumption. if​ the​ pain is​ very intense and​ chronic in​ nature, the​ doctor may prescribe additional oral medicines including non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), muscle relaxants or​ opium-derived narcotic drugs (OPIOIDs).

Alternative therapies may also be used for​ Lower Back Pain Treatment, as​ they are quite effective. These therapies are recommended by physicians when medication does not provide the​ desired relief. These therapies include manipulation, traction, acupuncture, massage or​ biofeedback. Manipulation involves adjusting the​ spinal vertebrae for​ alignment, while acupuncture involves inserting of​ very fine needles into certain specific points in​ the​ body, which are believed to​ be located on the​ channels that carry subtle life-energy. if​ these methods do not provide with relief from pain, epidural steroid injections or​ anti-inflammatory medicines are directly introduced to​ the​ spine to​ control pain.

Lower Back Pain Treatment may also include surgical procedure. Problems related to​ alignment of​ the​ spine and​ other degenerative disc problems may require surgical treatment. Spinal fusion surgery is​ the​ standard surgical procedure for​ degenerative discs. the​ damaged disc is​ removed from the​ spine, and​ replaced by a​ device filled with bone pieces taken from the​ patient’s hipbone. Now, the​ hipbone option is​ replaced by a​ genetically engineered protein called infuse bone graft.

However, the​ best Lower Back Pain Treatment is​ regular exercise coupled with a​ healthy diet.

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