Educational Videos And Your Childs Development

Educational Videos And Your Childs Development

There is​ much to​ be said about how much television is​ too much television for​ children. as​ parents we are constantly reminded that our children should not be watching television at​ all. We hear about the​ risks of​ Attention Deficit Disorder, overall disobedience, and​ many other terrible consequences. I don’t disagree completely, but I do believe this topic needs to​ be discussed in​ greater detail.

I have a​ two year old son. I allow him to​ watch certain television shows and/or videos. Do I use the​ television as​ a​ babysitter or​ some other form of​ replacement for​ my presence? Never. I choose these programs carefully, ensuring that what they project is​ in​ accordance with what I want my son to​ learn. I use the​ television shows as​ reinforcement for​ the​ tools and​ lessons I am already teaching him and​ I always watch his videos with him in​ order to​ help clarify or​ repeat words if​ necessary. Let me share with you an​ example.

Ever since my son had the​ dexterity to​ be able to​ point to​ the​ different parts of​ his body, my husband and​ I have been rehearsing the​ corresponding words for​ him to​ learn. Over and​ over and​ over we repeat these words. We also use children’s books to​ share these same words. Throw in​ a​ couple videos of​ kids singing “Head, Shoulders, Knees, and​ Toes” and​ you have a​ child who can put all these images and​ words together. I am NOT saying that the​ video was the​ key ingredient that taught my son these words. I am saying that children, just like adults, learn in​ a​ number of​ different ways. Why not introduce them to​ the​ world around them through various types of​ media. I believe the​ combination of​ books, imaginary play, music, and​ the​ right television programs can assist children in​ learning more than just one of​ these avenues by itself.

I also believe children learn by watching other children. if​ you don’t believe me, spend a​ few hours at​ your local preschool sometime and​ just observe. You’d be amazed at​ how children (toddlers especially) imitate one another. in​ my case, my son is​ still an​ only child at​ this time. I do my best to​ take him to​ play groups, tumbling class, and​ any other socialization activity I can get him to. When he is​ around other children, I can see an​ increased desire from him to​ want to​ communicate with the​ other children – moreso than even his need to​ communicate with me! Having said that, he still spends the​ majority of​ his time without the​ company of​ other children. We own several children’s videos (and watch special television programs) that involve children his age and​ slightly older. He is​ able to​ see these children interact, communicate, dance, sing, and​ even display their good manners. These programs have been a​ positive enhancement to​ the​ social skills my son has picked up at​ home and​ at​ play.

The bottom line to​ this discussion is​ not whether television in​ and​ of​ itself is​ evil and​ should be kept as​ far from children as​ possible. it​ boils down to​ WHAT children are watching, how the​ programs are playing a​ part in​ the​ child’s overall learning curriculum (is it​ the​ only source or​ is​ it​ a​ supplement to​ many other resources?), and​ the​ importance of​ having the​ child’s caregiver nearby to​ interact along with the​ program. I take an​ active part in​ watching television programs with my son so we can learn and​ have fun together.

I realize everyone has their own views about watching television and​ I’m definitely no expert, but this has worked in​ my home and​ I hope by sharing my experience that you will be able to​ gain a​ little something from it. Best wishes in​ parenting!

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