Educational Toys Do They Help

Educational Toys Do They Help

Most parents complain that their child does not concentrate on his/her academic pursuits, but instead whiles away the time, playing with toys. For such parents, and for all others, educational toys have come like a​ breath of​ fresh air and a​ ray of​ hope.


As the name suggest, the purpose of​ educational toys, is​ to​ educate. They essentially make learning fun, and have helped many a​ child to​ grasp the basics of​ various subjects. Over a​ period of​ time, many teachers, education experts have also started prescribing the use of​ educational toys to​ increase the intellectual ability of​ the child.

Developing a​ child's abilities

Educational toys are instrumental in​ developing the child, both emotionally, physically, as​ well as, intellectually. While buying an​ educational toy, you must take into consideration the age of​ the child.

For example, a​ baby needs an​ educational toy that will help it​ grasp concepts like stimulation and hand-eye coordination etc, toddlers might just enjoy toys that will help them indulge in​ various activities etc, older children need a​ different set of​ educational toys.

Target the area of​ development of​ a​ child, and buy a​ toy accordingly.

Stimulation of​ creativity

Educational toys also stimulate the creative pursuit of​ a​ child. There are many such toys available in​ the market that help a​ child learn the basic of​ drawing, crafts, or​ any other creative activity.

Look for toys that will give wings to​ the imagination of​ a​ child. in​ the modern world, be wary of​ toys that, in​ the guise of​ education, focus on the play, and not practical education. The best toys are those that make a​ child think and perform accordingly.

They get rid of​ stress

All toys de-stress children. However, these toys go one step further and not only entertain, but also mold the psychological tendencies of​ the child. This means that they positively affect the core of​ the stressful condition and try to​ eliminate it.

Again, at​ the same time, they assist the mental development of​ the child.

Enjoy the learning process

Such toys are getting increasingly popular because they are vibrant mix of​ entertainment and learning. Children get tired of​ studying and learning, more so, when they are forced to​ do the same.

With educational toys, children might never realize that they are actually gaining some valuable learning lessons from the use of​ educational toys. They will learn, but in​ a​ way that is​ natural and thus they will understand the concepts in​ a​ better way.

Educational toys make learning fun.

Building knowledge and interest

One of​ the most important benefits of​ using educational toys is​ that they increase the knowledge base of​ the children. More importantly there are various curriculum based educational toys that are specially designed to​ cater to​ particular subjects, such as​ science, mathematics, language etc.

If such educational toys are used at​ a​ very young age, they help in​ piquing the interest of​ the children in​ the subjects that they might study after a​ few years.

Increasing intelligence

As a​ general course of​ occurrence, educational toys also increase the general level of​ intelligence in​ a​ child. This is​ because they make a​ child think and then perform.

In most educational toys, there is​ a​ set of​ instructions that a​ child has to​ follow. This also teaches the child a​ certain level of​ discipline.


Many of​ the educational toys cater to​ the needs of​ children, who have not yet started kindergarten, focus on developing their cognitive skills. There are toys that focus on the use of​ fine motor skills, in​ a​ child, before kindergarten.

This helps a​ child, to​ effectively help in​ learning how to​ hold a​ pencil and to​ write with it.

Helps specially challenged children

Educational toys help people with either physical or​ mental disability to​ grasp the basics of​ various day to​ day activities, which they might otherwise not be able to​ learn. Even at​ the classroom level, many teachers use educational toys to​ explain various subjects to​ disabled children.

Many a​ dyslexic child has learnt how to​ read and write through the use of​ various educational toys that are designed specially for their use.

Increases dexterity

Not only do they help in​ increasing mental dexterity, but physical dexterity as​ well. This is​ important for people who have learning difficulties or​ are suffering from conditions like autism etc.

Such toys, help in​ problem solving and at​ times, are so effective that even specially challenged children, learn to​ read better, get good test scores, and think faster then they would have done if​ traditional methods of​ teaching had been used.

Extensible toys

There are quite a​ few educational toys, available that have an​ extensible nature. Meaning, a​ child can use them through various stages of​ his/her development. Throughout this time, the toy does not lose its inherent educational value and the child can learn something new from it​ all the time.

All, this answers the question in​ our topic. Yes, educational toys are useful and will continue to​ be an​ integral part of​ the educational process of​ a​ child.

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