Ecommerce Hosting How To Choose A Merchant Account

Ecommerce Hosting How To Choose A Merchant Account

For a​ number of​ e-Businesses, discovering the​ best way to​ accept payments is​ a​ frustrating task. as​ the​ Internet is​ an​ instant medium, it​ is​ highly recommended that a​ ecommerce website must accept credit/debit cards and​ online checks as​ modes of​ payment. in​ order to​ accept credit card transactions, you require setting up a​ merchant account with a​ merchant bank. as​ soon as​ you set up a​ merchant account, an​ online processor can provide you with the​ software or​ gateway you need to​ transact.

Selecting a​ suitable merchant account is​ considered to​ be one of​ the​ most tough business decisions you make as​ their existence has almost doubled and​ are now into more than hundreds. at​ the​ time of​ choosing a​ merchant account, you should be aware of​ the​ cost involved in​ setting up the​ account. Refer to​ the​ list below and​ don’t forget to​ ask about each of​ these items before agreeing to​ an​ account.

Application Fee
The application fee is​ compulsory so an​ agent or​ bank can "research" you as​ a​ potential customer. Few firms are more likely to​ repay this fee if​ your application is​ not accepted while others won't. it​ is​ always advisable not to​ pay an​ application fee that will not be refunded in​ case you are rejected.

Minimum Account Billing
This fee requires you to​ do a​ least amount of​ business with a​ merchant bank. a​ majority of​ banks require a​ monthly minimum of​ at​ least 25 dollars in​ transaction fees. Anything less than 35 dollars minimum is​ satisfactory.

Statement Fee
In case there is​ a​ considerable minimum-billing need, then there should be no statement fee. Still, a​ number of​ banks charge this to​ cover administrative costs. if​ you are assessed a​ statement fee, it​ shouldn't exceed 10 dollars per month.

Charge back Fee
In case a​ customer is​ not satisfied with their purchase, can't get a​ refund, or​ is​ just looking for​ something free, you may be faced with a​ charge back attempt. Under this, the​ bank will return customer’s fund and​ debit your account for​ the​ full amount. Always make sure to​ ask about your bank's charge back policy. Most banks tend to​ be more loyal to​ cardholders than merchants so protect yourself by preventing charge back fees.

Transaction Fee
This fee, which is​ usually about 2-3 percent of​ the​ purchase, is​ assessed on every transaction. if​ a​ product costs US$100, the​ bank would receive US$2-3 for​ their services. While rates are relative to​ the​ nature of​ your business, anticipated volume and​ your credit history, you should never pay more than 3 percent.

Setup Fee
This covers administrative work necessary to​ establish your account. in​ case you're charged an​ installation or​ programming fee, there shouldn't be a​ setup fee. There is​ a​ considerable amount of​ work completed to​ create merchant accounts, so fees of​ US$50-500 should be expected.

At the​ time of​ approaching banks or​ an​ intermediary about a​ merchant account, always keep in​ mind the​ following tips:

1. Read the​ terms, conditions and​ anticipated charges carefully. Don't sign anything until your questions are answered to​ your satisfaction. Take time to​ understand exactly what you are getting and​ how much you are paying to​ get it.

2. Do you require a​ reserve account? it​ shouldn't be, but if​ you are a​ start-up Internet business, have poor to​ marginal credit, anticipate low volumes or​ run a​ "risk" business, it​ may be required.

3. How long before funds are available to​ you? Ideally it​ should not take more than 72 hours from the​ time an​ order or​ transaction is​ processed.

Given below are some of​ the​ options available with whom you can setup your merchant account.

Paypal: With a​ free PayPal account one can accept credit cards on your website immediately
Click bank: it​ offers distribution of​ digital products and​ has an​ instant affiliate network promoting your business.

North American Bancard: it​ is​ a​ full service payment solution provider of​ Credit, Debit, EBT, Check Conversion and​ Guarantee, Checks by Phone & Net.

Ecommerce Hosting How To Choose A Merchant Account

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