Ebook Review The Rich Jerk

File Size: 1,116kb Zipped, 688kb Unzipped.
Number of​ Pages: 63
Format: Adobe Acrobat (.pdf)
Subject: a​ guide to​ making money on the Internet.

If you have seen his website then you probably think that the Rich Jerk is​ some arrogant, rude, jerk. Aside from that little is​ known about the true identity of​ the Rich Jerk. He does make quite regular posts in​ his blog located at​ http://www.therichjerk.com/blog/ which does give you an​ insight. He has also held the top spot on ClickBank and still holds a​ relatively high position today. Other than that the Rich Jerk and his identity is​ still shrouded in​ mystery.

"The Rich Jerk's Guide to​ making Money on the Internet" (to give the ebook its full name) details seven ideas you can use to​ make money on the internet which are:
· Creating an​ Affiliate Website!!
· Search Engine Pay Per Click (PPC) Strategies!!
· Search Engine Optimisation!!
· Selling your own Information Product!!
· Buying wholesale and selling on eBay!!
· Websites you can make Profitable Right Now!!

For each of​ the above topics the Rich Jerk explains how you would go about setting them up. On top of​ this he has also included bonus materials which include; "Other Online Ventures to​ consider", "Supplemental Info for Beginners", and "Quality Products Services that are Recommended."

Overall, the Rich Jerk is​ a​ good ebook for beginners as​ it​ gets you thinking about how to​ set up multiple income streams on the Internet, which is​ essential for long-term success. it​ also provides you with enough information to​ set up each of​ the above income streams on your own. However, if​ you want to​ take each income stream to​ the next level you will likely have to​ purchase an​ ebook related to​ that stream e.g. an​ ebook specialising in​ affiliate marketing. That is​ the main problem with the Rich Jerk, it​ is​ aimed mainly at​ beginners, and therefore lacks depth. if​ you are thinking of​ setting up one or​ more of​ the above income streams then the Rich Jerk is​ a​ good beginners guide, but if​ you are reasonably knowledgeable in​ the above fields then the Rich Jerk is​ unlikely to​ tell you anything new. When I purchased this ebook I was relatively unfamiliar with Internet Marketing outside of​ eBay so the Rich Jerk proved a​ useful reference point for me to​ expand my websites. if​ you are in​ this situation the Rich Jerk would be a​ useful purchase. if​ not your money would be best spent elsewhere.

· Provides a​ variety of​ useful, applicable ideas for making money on the Internet.
· The language is​ concise and straight to​ the point with no technical jargon.
· As a​ reader you are unlikely to​ have thought about all the possible money making strategies detailed in​ this ebook.

· It is​ aimed at​ the beginner so if​ you are looking to​ specialise in​ one particular area this ebook will not be useful.
· Lacks depth in​ certain areas and some issues are merely skimmed over.

As I have already stated, prior to​ reading the Rich Jerk I only sold ebooks on eBay. Reading the Rich Jerk opened my eyes to​ the importance of​ Internet Marketing outside of​ eBay. in​ particular I began to​ use Google Adsense and ClickBank's Affiliate Program on my websites. I also began to​ promote my website through Article Submission (one of​ the best ways to​ drive free traffic to​ your website) and Pay per Click Advertising. Without reading the Rich Jerk I would never have considered these avenues for my business.

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