Ebook Review The One Month Magnate

Ebook Review The One Month Magnate

File Size: 1.55mb Unzipped.
Number of​ Pages: 1 long scrolling page.
Format: Executable (.exe)
Subject: The One Month Magnate is​ a​ step by step guide to​ how Tony Shepherd created a​ product to​ sell on the internet starting from scratch. That means no mailing list and no website, just his past experience.

Tony Shepherd is​ one of​ the UK's most private Internet Marketers. Co-owner of​ Laycock Publishing with marketing guru Sara Brown, Tony has written several books and made his living from the Internet for a​ number of​ years. Tony usually writes under different names and keeps his private life away from work, making sure the latter is​ kept to​ a​ minimum.

The One Month Magnate shows how Tony Shepherd given a​ computer and an​ Internet connection went from earning nothing to​ over $4,000 in​ 30 days. He did not use a​ website or​ his mailing list. The ebook tells in​ great detail, with screenshots and links, how Tony did this. He divulges all the tools he used and exactly how he did it. in​ his own word "I follow this blueprint every time I'm setting up a​ new business."

In the ebook Tony discusses:
· How most Internet users willingly tell you what they're prepared to​ pay money for, without you even realising!!
· How experience is​ NOT Important!!
· The blueprint he uses to​ launch all his new businesses!!
· Why he will never work for an​ Employer again!!
· How he did it​ EXACTLY including the EXACT amount of​ money earned, and the EXACT way he implemented the blueprint, with screenshots to​ illustrate this!!
· How to​ become an​ Expert in​ your chosen field!!
· How to​ use free gifts to​ make Money!!
· How experts can help you make money for Free!!
· What he would have done the following month to​ increase his Profits!!

The process Tony follows involves three main stages; Research, Becoming an​ Expert, and Marketing and Selling the Product. in​ the research stage, Tony tells you all the tools he uses to​ decide upon and research his product. Then he tells you about the sources he uses to​ become an​ expert in​ this field. Finally, Tony tells you the methods he would use to​ market and sell his product (without a​ website remember). On top of​ this there is​ even a​ bonus section outlining what Tony would have done if​ he had an​ extra 11 days to​ market his product.

Upon reading this ebook I was very impressed. Firstly, impressed about the amount of​ money Tony actually made, and secondly I was impressed about the level of​ honesty and detail within the ebook. Tony tells you exactly what he did and what he didn't. For example, Tony admits that he didn't set up a​ website to​ promote his product because he didn't have time. it​ definitely gives you an​ interesting idea on how 30 days hard work could potentially provide you with a​ regular income.

This ebook is​ aimed at​ readers who have a​ reasonable knowledge of​ Internet Marketing. You will need to​ know how to​ use forums, how to​ create the product you decide upon, and how to​ accept payments online. if​ you do not yet know how to​ do this then some research is​ required. You can easily do this by searching on http://www.google.com/. Once you have done the above, I would heartily recommend this ebook as​ it​ provides one of​ the most in-depth looks I have come across on researching, promoting, and selling a​ product on the Internet, in​ such a​ short period. Obviously, if​ you had longer you would be able to​ market your product in​ much greater depth and perhaps use more methods to​ do so, but given the short-time period, this is​ a​ seriously impressive ebook.

· Gives readers a​ step by step system with screenshots that can easily be applied to​ almost any product.
· The section on how to​ become an​ expert with no prior knowledge of​ the field is​ particularly useful. With this information, the products you could release are virtually limitless.
· All the methods of​ promotion outlined are very effective yet require no financial expenditure.
· The methods used will generate residual income i.e. Tony would have generated at​ least the same amount of​ money every consecutive month, following this blueprint.
· The style of​ writing is​ to​ the point and easy to​ follow.
· The text is​ broken up by images making it​ easier to​ read.

· The ebook is​ mainly aimed at​ the short-term even though Tony does say what he would have done in​ the next 10 days (medium-term). it​ does not discuss more long-term forms of​ Internet Marketing.
· Although it​ touches on a​ lot of​ key Internet Marketing methods, it​ does not go into great detail on them.
· It leaves you wondering what other ebooks Tony Shepherd has written (under his other aliases) with no way to​ find out.

At the moment I have not implemented the ideas from The One Month Magnate, as​ I am focusing at​ the moment on creating an​ ebook on a​ field in​ which I am quite knowledgeable. However, this ebook is​ definitely going to​ be useful for future reference. I can definitely see myself creating some successful products by following Tony's blueprint.

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