Ebook Review How To Turn Auction Traffic Into Cash

Ebook Review How To Turn Auction Traffic Into Cash

File Size: 1,071kb Zipped, 1,122b Unzipped.
Number of​ Pages: 45
Format: Adobe Acrobat (.pdf)
Subject: a​ guide to​ using eBay traffic to​ create a​ lifetime customer base for​ virtually any business.
Other Information: Can be bought with Jim Cockrum's other ebook "The Silent Sales Machine Hiding on eBay" as​ a​ discounted, package deal.

The author Jim Cockrum, is​ a​ self confessed eBay freak. He also runs "Creative Ebay Selling," the​ Internets largest eBay success newsletter with over 90,000 subscribers and​ growing by the​ day. Jim has helped launch multiple internet businesses and​ has used the​ internet as​ his sole source of​ income since 2018.

How to​ turn Auction Traffic into Cash is​ Jim Cockrum's followup to​ the​ hugely successful "Silent Sales Machine Hiding on eBay." Just like it's predecessor, How to​ turn Auction Traffic into Cash is​ a​ guide to​ gaining massively from eBay's huge amounts of​ traffic. This time instead of​ using this traffic to​ promote Silent Sales Machines, Jim shows you how to​ use this traffic to​ build up your mailing list. eBay gets 1.5 billion page views per month, there are over 100 million members, and​ 80,000 people sign up every day, so it​ is​ one of​ the​ best but also most underutilised sources of​ traffic available to​ any seller. the​ topics covered in​ How to​ turn Auction Traffic into Cash include:
· The real power of​ eBay!!
· The rules of​ the​ eBay game!!
· Tapping into the​ power step by step!!
· A step by step guide to​ setting up your newsletter and​ subscription forms on eBay whilst complying with eBay policy!!

Like with "The Silent Sales Machine Hiding on eBay" the​ main selling point of​ this ebook is​ that you can utilise the​ huge amounts of​ traffic on eBay to​ build up a​ mailing list. This amount of​ traffic would take a​ huge amount of​ time, effort, and​ money to​ gain using other means. if​ you are not currently building up a​ subscriber list then you are missing out on lots of​ benefits including repeat sales, increased trust in​ you as​ a​ seller, and​ a​ highly targeted source of​ traffic. However, like with Jim's last ebook, to​ implement the​ ideas in​ How to​ turn Auction Traffic into Cash means you will have to​ invest quite a​ lot of​ time and​ effort initially. it​ will also create additional expense for​ your business (in paying the​ autoresponder fees). Like I said in​ my review of​ "The Silent Sales Machine Hiding on eBay" if​ you are willing to​ put the​ time and​ effort in, then you will find this ebook useful. if​ you are not willing or​ ready to​ expand your eBay business in​ a​ creative and​ new dimension then this ebook is​ not for​ you.

· If you are currently only selling on eBay and​ not following up on auction visitors, How to​ turn Auction Traffic into Cash lays wide open the​ huge opportunities you are missing out on.
· How to​ turn Auction Traffic into Cash tells you utilise eBay's huge levels of​ traffic, and​ build up a​ mailing list, (which in​ turn provides you with many benefits), whilst sticking to​ eBay policy.
· The ebook provides a​ step-by-step guide to​ setting up a​ newsletter system in​ your eBay auctions complete with screen shots. Even if​ you are completely unfamiliar with webforms you will find this guide easy to​ follow.
· Building up a​ mailing list of​ subscribers provides you with many benefits including customer loyalty, customer trust, a​ highly targeted source of​ traffic, and​ the​ ability to​ sell products outside of​ eBay (meaning no eBay fees).
· Once the​ webforms and​ followup messages are in​ place, building your mailing list is​ virtually automated. All you have to​ do is​ write the​ broadcast messages when you want to​ do a​ mass-mailing to​ your list.

· To build a​ mailing list requires additional monthly expenditure on an​ autoresponder service.
· If you are running lots of​ auctions they will all need to​ be edited to​ implement these ideas, which can be very time consuming.
· The growth rate of​ your mailing list when using these methods is​ slightly exaggerated in​ this ebook.

How to​ turn Auction Traffic into Cash is​ the​ ebook that ked to​ me setting up my own mailing list. Prior to​ this I had been using eBay's basic Shop Newsletter tool which really cannot compete with a​ proper autoresponder service. Since I now run multiple websites as​ well as​ an​ eBay store, a​ newsletter is​ really the​ best way to​ communicate to​ all my visitors. Using the​ ideas in​ How to​ turn Auction Traffic into Cash I have been able to​ place web sign up forms on all my eBay pages as​ well as​ all my website pages, which has allowed me to​ maximise my subscription rate.

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