Eating Your Way To Better Sexual Health

Eating Your Way To Better Sexual Health

Eating Your Way To Better Sexual Health
What do grapes,​ oysters,​ and​ chocolates have in​ common? Well,​ aside from being food,​ theyre all supposedly aphrodisiacs. ​
the unaware,​ an aphrodisiac is​ basically a​ food or​ ​Drug​ that has effects on​ sexual health,​ typically by either making it​
easier to​ become sexually aroused or​ by boosting sexual performance. ​
Now,​ while all of​ the​ above foods have been known to​
release varying levels of​ endorphins into the​ body in​ the​ same way sex does,​ they are not necessarily all that beneficial to​
ones sexual health. ​
of​ course,​ that doesnt mean that food and​ meals don't play a​ part in​ a​ persons sex life,​ because
theres quite a​ bit of​ scientific data saying that it​ does.
Working from the​ top and​ going down,​ the​ brain is​ the​ core of​ all activity that concerns the​ body,​ including sexual
functions. ​
Replacing full meals with snacks or​ junk food can seriously decrease the​ usual flow of​ nutrients to​ the​ brain,​
making it​ less capable of​ processing all the​ stimuli and​ emotions involved in​ sexual activity. ​
In short,​ the​ lack of​
nutrients can dampen someones ability to​ enjoy sexual intercourse. ​

Moving a​ little lower,​ it​ makes sense that sexual health is​ connected to​ the​ overall state of​ the​ circulatory system. ​
circulation is​ necessary not only for the​ proper functioning of​ internal organs but also for ensuring the​ functions of​ the​
male and​ female reproductive organs. ​
So,​ if ​ the​ heart or​ the​ blood vessels are in​ poor condition,​ it​ also has a​ detrimental
effect on​ the​ bodys ability to​ perform properly during sexual intercourse. ​
Increased or​ improved blood flow helps increase
the sensitivity to​ stimuli of​ the​ appropriate organs and​ heightens the​ level of​ physical endurance during intercourse.
For more specific help regarding food and​ sexual health,​ some might want to​ look into Nitric Oxide,​ which is​ not to​ be
confused with Nitrous Oxide. ​
Nitric Oxide NO is​ the​ substance found on​ the​ lining of​ the​ internal workings of​ male and​
female genitalia. ​
Without it,​ men cant obtain or​ sustain an erection even with proper blood flow,​ while women are unable
to become lubricated,​ regardless of​ what stimulation is​ put in​ there. ​
Some doctors suggest that the​ ingestion of​ arginine,​
another substance which encourages the​ body to​ produce NO. ​
Arginine helps improve circulation and​ sexual health. ​
Arginine is​
typically found in​ walnuts,​ almonds,​ and​ salmon.
Antioxidants,​ particularly the​ ones that are chemically abundant in​ dark chocolate,​ also have positive effects on​ sexual
performance and​ health. ​
Antioxidants are linked to​ improved blood circulation,​ something that has already been mentioned as​
being beneficial to​ sex. ​
Other good sources include tomatoes,​ spinach,​ garlic,​ red peppers,​ and​ red grapes. ​
However,​ some
point out that chocolate somehow also increases desire along with improving performance,​ likely because certain components in​
chocolate can improve circulation.

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