Eating Bran To Eliminate Constipation

Eating Bran To Eliminate Constipation

One reason many people are constipated is​ they don't eat a​ lot of​ fiber. Most people only eat about 8 mg of​ fiber per day. to​ have good health and have good elimination, you need around 30- 35 mg of​ fiber.

Eating bran is​ one of​ the quickest and best ways to​ increase your fiber. it​ will increase the weight and size of​ your stools more than the fiber contained in​ fruits or​ vegetables. Bran is​ the outer husk of​ the grain - wheat, corn, rice, and oat - which is​ indigestible.

It does not irritate the lining of​ the stomach, small intestine or​ your colon. it​ is​ not a​ laxative but promotes the movement fecal matter through your colon in​ a​ natural way. Unlike drugstore laxatives or​ other natural strong laxatives, bran does not quickly purge out all the contents in​ your colon.

Use one or​ two heaping tablespoon of​ bran in​ your morning cereal, in​ your baking, and in​ your smoothies.

Health Alert: When using bran, make sure you drink plenty of​ water during the day to​ keep your stools soft.

Here are some other ways to​ use bran. You can add them to,

" baked breads, muffins and other baked goods
" breaded mixes
" hamburger meat
" juices
" pancake or​ waffle mix
" salads
" scramble eggs
" soups
" soups
" stuffing
" vegetarian burger mix
" yogurt

When you put bran in​ juices or​ anything that is​ all liquid just eat it​ with a​ spoon.

How much bran should you take for good bowel regularity? Each person is​ different. You need to​ experiment. Start with two teaspoon each day and work towards 10 teaspoons a​ day or​ until you have bowel movements without effort or​ straining.

There are four basic bran products - wheat, corn, oat, and rice. They all provide a​ solid source of​ fiber in​ varying amounts. Make sure the bran you use is​ 100% unprocessed bran.

Use bran for a​ few weeks to​ get your bowel movements back to​ normal. Eating bran should get your bowels moving in​ a​ few days or​ less.

Once your bowels are back to​ normal, back off from using a​ lot of​ bran and depend more on fiber from eating more fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds.

There are many new products, which use bran added to​ other nutrients or​ powders. Although these can be useful, use them for a​ limit time.

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