Easy Steps To Stop Your Dog From Jumping On You

Easy Steps To Stop Your Dog From Jumping On You

When you​ bring home that adorable puppy her dog behavior is​ so cute. She puts her feet up on​ you​ to​ get your attention,​ jumps in​ your lap,​ jumps up and down on​ her hind legs begging to​ be picked up.

And what do you​ do? you​ reinforce all those dog behaviors. Give her attention,​ pick her up,​ make sure she’s comfortable on​ your lap. Then,​ lo and behold,​ she grows from 15 pounds to​ 75 pounds and is​ still jumping on​ you. That cute puppy behavior is​ now bad dog behavior. in​ fact,​ it’s downright maddening and you​ can’t get it​ to​ stop.

Humans often give dogs mixed signals -- telling them to​ do one thing,​ but reinforcing very different dog behavior. or​ expecting dogs to​ read our minds -- is​ it​ ok to​ jump up sometimes but not others? Which is​ which? Dogs can’t figure that out.

You probably don’t even know you’re sending mixed signals.

Situations change throughout the​ day- you​ love that your dog jumps up on​ the​ bed to​ wake you​ with sloppy,​ wet kisses; it​ is​ endearing to​ have your dog greet your return with the​ big stretch to​ reach up so you​ will pick them up or​ love on​ them; it​ is​ helpful when the​ dog jumps up on​ a​ chair to​ help you​ put the​ leash on​ the​ collar.

It becomes a​ problem when guests come over and the​ dog jumps on​ them; when you​ are dressed up and now dirty feet have ruined your outfit; or​ when it​ is​ just simply not convenient.


As humans,​ it’s our job to​ teach dogs how we want them to​ behave. Here are some easy tips to​ change that unwanted dog behavior.


Figure out what you​ want and then be consistent with what you​ desire. Do you​ want your dog to​ jump or​ not? Dogs don’t understand "sometimes".

If the​ answer to​ the​ question is,​ I want the​ jumping to​ stop,​ then take a​ look at​ your situation and ask yourself these questions:
When does it​ happen?
What are your various responses?
When are you​ consistent?
When are you​ not consistent?
How can you​ be gentle and clear with your responses?


This seems obvious. But oftentimes it’s not. you​ have to​ change your behavior before you​ can expect Fluffy to​ change hers.


The very easiest way to​ correct this behavior is​ to​ give an​ incompatible behavior. For example,​ Sit is​ a​ great choice. Most dogs know it​ and it​ is​ easy to​ put a​ dog into a​ sit if​ needed.


When your dog begins jumping,​ stop your body movement and go stiff. Turn your back slightly. Give the​ new command "Rover,​ sit". Help Rover sit if​ needed.

Let this become your new response to​ Rover’s jumping. PRAISE the​ sit. if​ Rover pops up out of​ the​ sit and jumps up,​ start over. Go stiff,​ give the​ command (Rover,​ sit),​ help with the​ sit if​ needed. PRAISE (and treat if​ handy) the​ sit.

As you​ are consistent,​ your dog will comply with your new desires. PRAISE each time your dog sits. This is​ the​ new polite way of​ getting your attention. PRAISE whenever your dog comes and sits in​ front of​ you. This is​ the​ signal "please" for attention,​ outside,​ treat,​ etc.

Super-exciting times to​ a​ dog will probably result in​ the​ old jumping but be consistent and patient,​ and as​ you​ do this,​ you​ gain leadership respect from your dog.


Dog behavior modification can be done very quickly and your relationship will get better and better. Be patient,​ kind,​ loving and consistent. Your dog wants to​ make you​ happy. Use these few simple steps to​ STOP the​ JUMPING!

Easy Steps To Stop Your Dog From Jumping On You

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