Easy Steps To Get Past Writers Block

Overcoming writer’s block has so many prescribed cures that seem like witches’ brew, you may as​ well be trying to​ get rid of​ hiccups. My favorite remedy is​ “just write anything.” if​ I were to​ follow this advice when I’m stuck in​ a​ frustrating blank stare moment, my page would be filled with expletives that would be of​ no use to​ anyone, including Lenny Bruce.

If you have no idea of​ what to​ say on any given subject, you do not have writer’s block, you have a​ lack of​ knowledge problem. if​ you have the facts in​ front of​ you and still do not know what to​ say then you have writer’s block. The basic step of​ gathering enough material to​ complete your writing task should never be confused with writer’s block. Writing takes leg work - tedious legwork. Before the Internet this task could seem insurmountable; but now with worlds of​ knowledge at​ our fingertips, I don’t want to​ hear about any problems getting background material on any subject. Learn how to​ use the search engines well. This should already be part of​ your writer’s skill set.

Genuine writer’s block comes when you “just don’t know how to​ say it.” You have the information, a​ basic outline, yet you are not satisfied with the tone, cadence or​ anecdote provided. it​ just doesn’t feel right. You can’t tie your ideas together into one cohesive product that supports the underlying theme you are trying to​ convey. What do you do?

Take your material and write it​ out as​ you have it. Even if​ doesn’t feel right complete your assignment as​ if​ it​ were due today, and walk away. Leave the problem to​ rattle around in​ your brain for a​ while. Now here comes they key. Do something totally unrelated that requires you to​ pay some attention to​ your new task - a​ household chore, returning emails, running an​ errand. I generally find a​ physical chore, like walking to​ the post office to​ be superior to​ a​ mental chore like answering emails. Exercise is​ one of​ the great inspirational tools available to​ us. if​ you exercise regularly this would be a​ great time to​ do that. Sometime during your chore or​ exercise the answer will pop into your head. That is​ the way our brains work. Inspiration comes to​ us all the time. We need to​ be distracted from the noise that interfering with our ability to​ hear the inspiration. Once we have changed our focus away from the problem at​ hand our brain can finally deliver the answer unimpeded. Whether you believe the answer has come from your brain or​ from the cosmos the answer is​ always available to​ us. Sometimes more than one chore is​ required for distraction. On a​ big problem it​ might take a​ week of​ chores. Be absolutely sure you have a​ pen and pad of​ paper with you at​ all times, because the answer may be fleeting, or​ just a​ partial answer with the remaining portion to​ show up at​ a​ later time.

Most writers are working on more than one project at​ a​ time. Leaving one assignment and starting another can also help in​ getting the answer to​ a​ previous writing problem. Remember; never confuse lack of​ preparation with writer’s block. Lack of​ preparation is​ a​ matter of​ laziness and is​ a​ whole different problem to​ overcome.

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