Early Pregnancy And Prenatal Vitamins

Early Pregnancy And Prenatal Vitamins

If you are pregnant or​ are planning to​ become pregnant,​ you probably know that it​ is​ important for you to​ get plenty of​ folic acid. Folic acid helps to​ reduce brain and spinal defects in​ your baby,​ especially in​ early pregnancy. What you may not know is​ how important it​ is​ to​ take multivitamins,​ as​ well.

A study,​ recently published in​ the​ medical journal Cancer Epidemiology Biomarkers and Prevention,​ noted the​ importance of​ taking multivitamins if​ trying to​ conceive or​ newly pregnant. Their research concluded that women who take multivitamins in​ early pregnancy reduced their child’s risk of​ developing certain brain tumors.

Researchers found that women taking multivitamins close to​ the​ time they conceived had babies who were less likely to​ develop medulloblastoma and primitive neuroectodermal brain tumors. Brain tumors are fairly rare in​ children,​ occurring in​ 1 in​ 20,​000 kids under the​ age of​ six. Medulloblastoma is​ the​ second most common brain tumor in​ children.

The study at​ the​ Children’s Hospital of​ Philadelphia compared 315 children with brain tumors to​ 315 randomly chosen healthy children. Researchers called each mother and asked if​ they had been taking multivitamins before or​ after conception. the​ findings were slightly significant ,​ yet they were comparable to​ a​ study conducted in​ 1993 by a​ different group.

Interestingly,​ taking a​ multivitamin during the​ later stages of​ pregnancy did not significantly reduce the​ infant’s risk of​ developing brain tumors. This makes it​ all too clear that if​ you are trying to​ get pregnant,​ you should begin taking your multivitamins right away. Then continue with the​ approval of​ your physician at​ least through the​ early stages of​ your pregnancy.

Women are strongly urged to​ choose a​ multivitamin with 400 micrograms of​ folic acid. Reproductive women should eat healthy foods with plenty of​ vitamins and folic acid.

When choosing your vitamin,​ check its vitamin a​ content. Never take more than 770 micrograms of​ Vitamin A. Too much can cause birth defects in​ babies.

You should also look on​ the​ label for the​ letters USP. This means the​ vitamin has been evaluated and meets certain criteria by the​ U.S. Pharmacopeia Organization. Vitamins with a​ USP stamp have certain standardized levels of​ purity,​ safety,​ quality and content.

Your OB/GYN will help you choose a​ pre-natal vitamin before you even get pregnant. So good luck if​ you are trying to​ conceive,​ and take that multivitamin for both you and your baby!

Early Pregnancy And Prenatal Vitamins

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