E Games The New Age Entertainment Sports

E Games The New Age Entertainment Sports

E- Games- the​ New Age Entertainment Sports
In the​ age of​ Internet, E-Games is​ an​ irresistible attraction amongst all age groups .​
The desire to​ play games has turned children to​ be more techno savvy these days .​
E-Games are flexible and​ intuitive, it's easy to​ use so you can spend your time creating games instead of​ programming them.
You can increase business effectiveness by easily adding more motivation and​ challenge to​ your learning programs .​
With the​ advent of​ E-Learning, even Training Games are transforming .​
Indeed, because Computer Games and​ Arcades are commonplace, instructional games may be the​ perfect candidate for​ e-learning events .​

Trainers understand the​ value of​ a​ good game for​ engaging participants in​ the​ learning process, whether as​ pre-course materials, self-teaching tools, or​ content reviews .​
Most games draw on traditional game-show styles such as​ Jeopardy, or​ popular boardgames, including Trivial Pursuit and​ Monopoly .​
The question-and-answer format of​ those games proves ideal for​ self-assessment and​ memory building .​
When played in​ groups, games promote teambuilding and​ team spirit .​
More importantly, games alleviate learners' anxiety about being evaluated.
A sophisticated programmed E-Game usually includes the​ following features:
· Easy, intuitive authoring interfaces.
· An array of​ different game types .​
· Detailed Help files, sample games, and​ demonstrations .​
· Cross-platform playback using the​ Flash web player .​
· No messy software downloads or​ installation requirements .​
· Options to​ create games from your web browser .​
· You can choose from several skins for​ your games, including a​ custom skin that allows you to​ modify the​ colors .​
· Full customization for​ any of​ the​ game types .​
· Your own online Arcade system that allows you to​ group your games into custom multi-player arcades and​ invite players to​ compete.
The average age of​ an​ E-Game Player is​ 29 years and​ ninety two percent of​ all games are purchased by adults over the​ age of​ 18 .​
39% E-Game players are women .​
Computer and​ video game software sales grew 8% in​ 2018 to​ $ 7 billion in​ the​ following years and​ are expected to​ hike more .​
However, when compared to​ the​ movie industry this segment is​ still a​ small player .​
In fiscal 2018, ended June 30, E-Games' sales rose 11% to​ $8 million, and​ profit increased 9%, to​ $1.7 million, from a​ year earlier .​
It did have a​ loss of​ $184,000 in​ its 2018 fiscal first quarter, after sales were hurt when Wal-Mart Stores Inc .​
reduced shelf space it​ allocates to​ low-price PC games, E-Games says .​
Some very sought after E-Games are as​ follows:
1 .​
AirXonix: This is​ a​ 3-dimensional remake of​ the​ Xonix game .​
In the​ Xonix game you have to​ control a​ device, which is​ moving over the​ playing field whilst several monster-balls are wandering inside .​
The objective is​ to​ isolate the​ balls away from as​ much spare playing field as​ possible .​
2 .​
Buzzing Cars: Buzzing Cars is​ a​ totally crazy racing game where you'll not only need to​ be fast but also smart .​
You must carry out various missions such as​ drive robots around, chase flying saucers, electrocute aliens and​ of​ course race against the​ clock .​
You can buy seven different cars with various properties .​
In every crash, the​ cars begin to​ lose parts, until eventually after enough is​ lost they completely fall apart .​
3 .​
Cross & Word Games: a​ compilation of​ three simple puzzle games previously released by E-Games in​ their early RomTech days .​
Crossword Mania is​ a​ set of​ 110 crossword puzzles and​ Word Search Mania has 222 word searches .​
Both of​ these pencil and​ paper to​ keyboard and​ monitor translations also have basic design tools for​ constructing your own puzzles .​
Word Connect Special Edition is​ a​ one board demo of​ a​ Scrabble clone where players try to​ form interlocking words on a​ board with lettered tiles .​
4 .​
Mahjongg Master: Enjoy the​ classic Chinese game of​ strategy with this full-featured version! You'll find 18 original tile sets -- everything from classic MahJongg tiles to​ all new designs! You can also choose from among 70 beautiful backgrounds including scenics, animals, textures, and​ much more .​
Plus great music, too! MahJongg Master is​ one of​ E-Games best-selling titles .​
There are millions of​ players around the​ world .​
5 .​
Marble Blast: In this arcade action game from independent publisher Garage Games, players take the​ control of​ marbles .​
The objective of​ the​ game is​ to​ race the​ marble through the​ 72 levels each containing moving platforms, dangerous hazards, sparkling treasures and​ power up enhancements, and​ complete it​ in​ record time .​
6 .​
Miniverse Minigolf: Two 9 hole mini golf courses for​ 1-4 players .​
One course is​ set on Earth and​ features putting through locations such as​ a​ construction site, a​ war zone, and​ a​ casino .​
The other course is​ set in​ space and​ includes a​ variety of​ science fiction obstacles like tele-porters and​ laser shields .​
Players can choose to​ control their putter by pushing or​ pulling the​ mouse and​ can select one of​ several different colors for​ their golf ball.
7 .​
Pinball: E-Games' Pinball is​ a​ 3D pinball simulation with three tables .​
3D acceleration is​ used for​ all sorts of​ realistic effects like table glass, light halos, shadows, reflections of​ the​ ball on the​ table, and​ more .​
Standard pinball game play applies; knock down targets to​ light up bonuses, which can be further increased by multipliers .​
8 .​
Word Search Mania: a​ computerized version of​ the​ standard pencil and​ paper word search .​
Word Search Mania is​ a​ collection of​ 222 assorted puzzles with a​ variety of​ strange topics in​ varying degrees of​ difficulty .​
It also contains a​ tool for​ building puzzles from your own lists of​ words.

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