E Business The Internet Shell Game

E Business The Internet Shell Game

Step right up, folks. Here’s your internet success story. Here’s the​ cheap web host, “Cheapie.” Here’s the​ Get Rich Quick promo, the​ “GRQ”. and​ here’s the​ optimization guru, “Guru”. Let me shift them around like so. Choose one for​ your internet success.

Cheapie? That’s only $4.95 a​ month that you​ can lose. Plus hundreds of​ hours and​ months and​ months of​ your time figuring out how to​ set up a​ web site and​ make it​ successful. No thank you.

GRQ? It’s a​ great idea. But ask for​ a​ list of​ 100 or​ more verifiable success stories, preferably before you​ sign up. Oops – there are none? Surprise, surprise. the​ GRQ promo is​ particularly depressing because it​ appeals to​ the​ unsophisticated internet user via massive advertising campaigns.

So Guru must know something. “Divide your text by 8.63, add a​ factor of​ key

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