Dxcafés The New E Conomy Is Coming

Dxcafés The New E Conomy Is Coming

It seems they've been busy on the​ isle of​ Vanuatu ...

That's where a​ company called Global Digital Transfers Inc ('GDT') placed their headquarters for​ DXinOne, the​ e-currency exchange system that is​ the​ main topic on Longer Life's Opportunity page.

Since I last looked at​ the​ DXiO website, I've seen a​ number of​ new developments there, featuring services from travel to​ advertising with earnings and​ payments tendered by their unique coin of​ the​ cyber-realm, the​ digot. It's becoming quite obvious that they're not only easing a​ new e-currency into cyberspace, but an​ entire DXEconomy to​ support it. That's a​ very clever strategy.

Now, GDT is​ taking measures to​ ensure their presence in​ the​ physical world, too. They are introducing a​ bricks-&-mortar element to​ their e-currency exchange business, deploying franchises for​ what they term 'LDXMerchants' (The 'L' stands for​ 'Licensed') to​ be visible via storefront at​ a​ location near you. Their function would be to​ service high-volume transactions in​ a​ 21st-century banking sort of​ manner that is​ yet to​ be fully announced.

Furthermore, they intend to​ incorporate other DX services into those facilities, with the​ obvious intention of​ attracting more attention to​ their veritable range of​ operations. They're going to​ call these centers DXCafés. Fittingly, the​ flagship of​ this franchise will be located in​ Port Vila, the​ capital of​ Vanuatu. Such a​ choice not only displays respect for​ their host nation, it's also a​ relatively isolated --- and​ thus easily controlled --- site that will allow them to​ amend any aspect of​ its activities without drawing mainstream attention. This should increase their chances of​ presenting a​ more polished product to​ the​ world at​ large.

GDT has announced that their intentions will be uncompromising in​ their selection of​ global locations. They state that "We are currently working on several items that will help us present these establishments around the​ world, as​ taking short cuts will not be an​ option for​ us. the​ first task is​ to​ set a​ criterion, upon which the​ location of​ our DXCafés will be based. it​ is​ ideal that we use high traffic locations; airports, transportation terminals, accommodation, shopping centers or​ malls are all prime locations for​ us."

It's clear they're still somewhere in​ the​ planning stages when they state the​ basis of​ their deliberations when defining the​ characteristics of​ the​ DXCafés in​ these terms:

"Size of​ the​ DXCafés is​ also important; our designers have been working on several different concepts based on floor size. Whether as​ a​ full build or​ a​ new fit-out, a​ set criteria needs to​ be established. There is​ also nothing limiting us from having several DXCafés in​ the​ one city, each DXCafé may have a​ set coverage in​ regards to​ population, cliental and​ security."

However, most of​ these decisions must have been made already. GDT has announced that they intend to​ establish their first DXCafés outside Vanuatu during the​ months of​ April and​ May 2018 and​ have claimed they are currently on target to​ achieve this goal. to​ accommodate such a​ timetable, they say they have designed and​ commenced manufacture on the​ fit-out for​ the​ physical plants and​ prepared state-of-the-art computer components and​ technology for​ installation into each DXCafé.

High volumes of​ value are expected to​ be exchanged, so GDT will be requiring license agreements for​ each LDX/DXCafé proprietor. They will be private agreements designed for​ congruence with various countries' financial regulatory requirements. the​ license agreements are intended to​ ensure that all DX operations will be in​ accord with the​ needs and​ requirements of​ DXInOne and​ its users. the​ purchase price for​ an​ LDX/DXCafé license is​ yet to​ be finalized and​ will only be available upon request. I would anticipate this amount to​ be between $650,000 and​ $1,000,000 so as​ to​ ensure that only the​ most responsible and​ capable proprietors would be enlisted.

These are ambitious plans. I firmly believe there's a​ market for​ their services, so I continue to​ contend that DXinOne is​ worth our attention.

Very soon, it​ could be worth more than that. Much more.

Dxcafés The New E Conomy Is Coming

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