Dvlas Personalised Number Plates Auction A Success

The DVLA enjoyed continued success with their latest auction of​ previously un-issued personalized number plates.The last auction was held at​ Dormy House Hotel,Broadway,Worcestershire on the​ 5th,6th and​ 7th of​ September 2018. Bids were taken by letter,telephone,on line and​ of​ course in​ person in​ the​ room.

Top price paid was £31000 + vat + auctioneers commission + transfer fee ( approx £38750 total ) for​ the​ number 111 S,not sure why that went for​ so much, seems a​ lot if​ it​ was bought to​ go on a​ Lotus Elise. Other notable high prices were £17800 for​ 67 a​ and​ £17100 for​ 551 KHS ( presumably because it​ resembles SIKHS ). 1 numbers continue to​ demand high prices with 1 LHR achieving £13700and 1 PLA £13000.

Lowest prices were £250 with the​ best value one of​ these being L92 UKE at​ £300 .Other genuine bargains in​ the​ lower price range were E10 MAX at​ £600 and​ DOU 99Y at​ £800 .Prices in​ general seemed to​ be higher than those achieved in​ auctions held earlier in​ the​ year.There were fewer good numbers where no-one had attended to​ bid which are traditionally mopped up by the​ dealers.

Surprisingly unsold numbers were 4 HPS , 13 LEO ,786 RAV.
Total income for​ the​ DVLA ( or​ treasury if​ you like ) was in​ excess of​ £4 million and​ as​ the​ DVLA have no purchase costs ,as they are un-issued numbers that have not been used previously this is​ a​ very healthy figure to​ achieve.

The next auction of​ personalised number plates is​ on the​ 24th,25th and​ 26th October and​ will be held at​ Down Hall,Bishop Stortford in​ Hartfordshire.A catalogue can be ordered by calling 0800 089 2222. You can bid in​ person,by phone , by letter or​ on-line but you must register in​ advance.If you are bidding for​ a​ high value registration number it​ may be best for​ you to​ attend in​ person so you can absorb the​ whole experience which will make your number all the​ more enjoyable but make sure you set yourself a​ limit as​ most bidders get carried away and​ pay far more than they intended.

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