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As you approach the Tay Road Bridge whether by car or​ by train through the Tay Rail Bridge you begin to​ understand why they call the river “Silvery Tay”. The city is​ situated on the east coast of​ Scotland on the north bank of​ the firth of​ Tay.

Dundee is​ Scotland’s fourth largest city and one of​ the most beautiful! Driving across the bridge you can clearly see the Law Hill. The city is​ built around this extinct volcano. You can drive right up to​ the top of​ the hill and from this vantage point you can see the whole of​ Dundee!

Dundee is​ Scotland’s sunniest city (it faces south) with over 1400 hours of​ sunshine every year. Its title “City of​ Discovery” comes from the HM Frigate Unicorn, the oldest surviving ship in​ the UK.

Dundee is​ known for its “3 Js” – Jute, Jam & Journalism. Although the Jute & Jam industry is​ no longer predominant in​ Dundee, you can still see the towers associated with the industry. Verdant Works is​ ideal for tourists wishing to​ learn about Dundee’s Jute Industry.

Keillers of​ Dundee pioneered the manufacture of​ marmalade here. They bought a​ shipload of​ oranges which they were unable to​ sell. Janet Keiller specialized in​ selling jam and using her knowledge invented marmalade.

Although Jute and Jam are no longer made in​ Dundee, the journalism sector still thrives. The company began as​ a​ branch of​ the Thomson family business. in​ 1884, David Couper Thomson took over the publishing business, and established it​ as​ DC Thomson in​ 1905. The firm flourished, and now produces more than 200 million comics, books and magazines every year.

Dundee is​ also a​ university town with a​ student population averaging about 32,000. Due to​ the high numbers of​ students, Dundee has a​ lively pub and club scene. The 2 most popular night clubs are Fat Sams & London Night Club.

A recent quality of​ life survey ranked Dundee near the top due to​ its clean air, low pollution levels, riverside location and high sunshine hours.

Shopping in​ Dundee has now taken off with 2 major shopping centres (Overgate & Wellgate) under pinning the west and east of​ the city centre. The number of​ out of​ town shopping centres in​ Dundee means that the city attracts shoppers from all the small towns nearby.

The town is​ a​ fantastic holiday location with Broughty Ferry having one of​ the cleanest beaches in​ the UK.

The city is​ an​ ideal starting point for touring the best of​ Scotland with almost all major attractions less then 100 miles away. Kenmore, Loch Earn, Loch Ness and Ben Nevis are beautiful destinations in​ their own right. The three other major cities, Edinburgh, Aberdeen & Glasgow are all approximately an​ hours drive.

St Andrews (the home of​ golf) & Carnoustie both have championship golf courses and are only 20 minutes drive from the city.

Dundee has three country parks all within 3 miles of​ the city. Camperdown Park, Monikie Park & Crombie Park are all beautiful and unique in​ their own ways.

Dundee is​ renowned for its Dundee Repertory Theatre (the rep) and Dundee Contemporary Arts Centre (DCA).

The main Hotels in​ Dundee are the Hilton Hotel, Apex City Quay, Swallow Hotel & Queens. There are many other smaller hotels and recently many travel lodges/inns have opened to​ provide room only rates for families on a​ small budget.

Glamis Castle – known to​ be haunted due to​ an​ ancient curse is​ a​ fairy tale castle which will exceed all your expectations.

The town of​ Glamis also houses the Angus Folk Museum. Visit one of​ Scotland's finest museums and learn about Scotland's history.

Dundee has 2 football teams: Dundee United & Dundee. Some people in​ Dundee believe that they should unite to​ form one team. Others have very strong views that the two team should remain separate.

St Andrews Beach has to​ be seen to​ be believed. The world famous golf course sits proudly on the beach front.

The British Golf Museum is​ in​ St Andrews, the home of​ golf! Find out about the history of​ the game and indulge in​ some interactive highly visual displays.

The best hotel in​ St Andrews is​ the MacDonald Russacks Hotel. it​ was voted one of​ the Top Golfing Hotels in​ the world.

St Andrews Castle consists of​ the ruins of​ the castle built around the 13th century. Here you can explore the secret dungeons and admire the views.

St Andrews Cathedral & St Rule’s Tower are the remains of​ the largest cathedral in​ Scotland.

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