Duh Idiots Guide To Starting A Home Business

Duh Idiots Guide To Starting A Home Business

Duh Idiot’s Guide to​ Starting a​ Home Business
Starting a​ Home Business…Work from Home…Be a​ Work at​ Home Mom…Make Millions Working From Home I​ CAN’T TAKE IT ANY MORE!!!!!
So why does everyone want to​ work from home?? I’ll tell you why,​ because working 9 to​ 5 SUCKS!!
Hey don’t listen to​ me,​ here are the​ stats: According to​ the​ MicroEnterprise Journal In the​ last 25 years,​ self-employment has grown by almost 300%,​ fueled by waning employee loyalty and growing worker dissatisfaction .​
And the​ US Census Bureau reports that 90% percent of​ all U.S .​
businesses employ between ZERO and FOUR workers,​ making this the​ fastest growing segment of​ the​ business community .​
See I​ told you!
Everywhere you look on​ the​ Internet we’re bombarded with sites peddling work at​ home opportunities .​
the​ stats prove it,​ we’re all looking to​ get out of​ the​ 9 to​ 5 rat race .​
the​ biggest problem is​ that MOST of​ the​ so called work-at-home related websites are so bogged down with clutter,​ fluff and double talk that you’d have to​ be a​ friggin robot to​ find and process the​ information you need in​ order to​ understand what the​ heck to​ do .​

So where can an​ Idiot like me get the​ information I​ need contained in​ a​ simple,​ concise format that’s easy to​ understand and follow? Well nowhere really .​
That’s why I​ wrote this article and condensed the​ whole process down into 5 Summarized Steps,​ so that maybe other Idiot’s like me will have a​ fighting chance in​ hell to​ get out of​ the​ Rat Race.
Idiot Step 1:
SELECTING a​ business – simple enough right…wrong .​
Questions to​ ask yourself: What do I​ like to​ do? What will make money? What is​ available? Can I​ make Money?
These are tough questions .​
These days,​ most people are scouring ways to​ make money on​ the​ Internet .​
If considering a​ TV or​ Internet program,​ do as​ much independent research as​ possible on​ the​ program you’re interested in​ and find something that fits your personality so that you will excel no matter what.
Whatever you do use common sense and don't allow desperation to​ influence your decisions .​

Start-Up Nation - www.startupnation.com offers SOUND advice and has tons of​ RELIABLE resources for selecting a​ home business .​
Idiot Step 2:
PLANNING your business .​
You will have to​ have some form of​ a​ business plan before you get started with a​ home business .​
Even if​ you are the​ only one that will ever read it,​ you should definitely put a​ plan together on​ paper.

An informal business plan should contain a​ start-up budget (money you need to​ get to​ the​ point of​ doing business) and an​ operating budget (money you need on​ a​ weekly basis just to​ keep doing business) .​
Be certain to​ include all overhead expenses and be sure to​ include a​ budget for advertising .​
Also you should note any significant milestones you hope to​ achieve and list your financial goals in​ a​ time-line fashion .​
Idiot Step 3:
FUNDING your home business .​
Every business has start-up costs and your new home-based business will be no different .​
As the​ old saying goes You need money to​ make money .​
So where do you get the​ money you need to​ start?
The simplest way for home business owners to​ get the​ money they need is​ from the​ principal owner’s own pockets…that means YOU! Like myself,​ many work at​ home entrepreneurs simply use their own savings to​ fund their businesses,​ using money from personal resources such as…
· Savings
· Personal Investments
· Credit Card Advance
· Sale of​ Assets
· Second Mortgage Loan
are all ways to​ finance a​ small business start-up using your own funds .​
The alternative to​ funding it​ yourself is​ to​ apply for a​ small business loan .​
The biggest issue there is​ that unless you have sufficient collateral,​ or​ any related experience in​ your field of​ business,​ you may not qualify for this type of​ loan .​
The Small Business Administration - www.sba.gov has a​ TON of​ information and resources for start-up businesses .​
It contains valuable info on​ locating financing and it​ contains several links to​ other business resources,​ planning tools and calculators .​
Idiot Step 4:
STARTING your home business .​
Once you’ve chosen your great new home business,​ and have got your starting cash in​ reserve,​ it’s time to​ get you up and running .​
But before you do,​ you will have to​ do some preliminary work just to​ get to​ the​ point where you can actually start operating .​
Two-thirds of​ all small business are solo operations .​
Therefore,​ when you’re a​ one-man band,​ you must wear different hats and assume several roles as​ the​ head of​ various departments .​
You’re the​ CEO,​ sales manager,​ director of​ marketing,​ director of​ finance,​ the​ shipping clerk,​ receptionist,​ the​ janitor…you get the​ drift Fonzi?
Because of​ your heavy load,​ you need quality office equipment,​ supplies,​ software and business services to​ keep you,​ I​ mean your departments,​ running smoothly and at​ peak efficiency .​
Choose the​ right office equipment and machines that will keep you operating at​ peek efficiency.
Idiot Step 5:
MARKETING your home business .​
Now that you’ve got your business funded and operational you will need to​ implement a​ marketing and advertising campaign so that you can start attracting customers and finally start making some money .​
This isn’t Field of​ Dreams .​
If you build it,​ that doesn’t mean they will come .​
In order to​ draw customers to​ your business,​ you MUST do some form of​ repeated advertising,​ and you should definitely have a​ plan in​ place so that you can budget it​ into your overall Business Plan when you first start .​
A good place to​ start is​ by reading Jay Conrad Levinson’s series of​ Guerilla Marketing books .​
This is​ standard reading for any small business entrepreneur .​
You can learn some very useful and basic techniques that will help you form a​ great and inexpensive plan .​
Everything contained here was condensed to​ fit into a​ short article format .​
Obviously there’s a​ bit more to​ it .​
But if​ this Idiot' can do it,​ so can you .​

Just don't be intimidated .​
Start off really,​ really small,​ maybe just part-time to​ start .​
Take one step at​ a​ time .​
But whatever you do,​ just get off your keister and get started!
U can do it…just dive into it​
Duh Idiot’s Home Biz Start-Up Guide™
© 2005 a​ Covert Operations,​ Ltd

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